MEANINGS, USES AND HEALING POWERS

Semi-precious gemstones have been used throughout history, not only to adorn one's body or possessions, but also as healing aids for
physical, mental, emotional and spiritual ailments or simply to keep one's energies in balance or enhance them.  Today, these same
gemstones are making a come back in terms of people beginning to spiritually awaken to other possible sources of energies.

Everything that exists is composed of energy.   All matter is energy.  That means that even rocks have energy.  Being energy sources,
all matter can transfer its energy onto other matter.  That is how Gemstones tend to work.  Each stone has its own energy/property.  
Just as we can transfer our energy to other beings or other objects, gemstones can also transfer their inner energy (vibrations) into us
and thereby gently affect us in differing ways, according to that specific gem's qualities and energies.  But, let's take a look at how
some of them work and what they can do.  (Please see a professional if your problems are major factors in your life and particularly if
your concerns are health related, physically, mentally and emotionally.  They should NEVER be used in place of professional help!)
I will be adding more stone meanings as I add them to my collection of jewelry.  


Can help bring about a positive and balanced mental and emotional state, stabilizing physical energy.  Soothing and calming, Agate
works slowly but, gently and surely can help to bring about great strength.  It helps bring about self-acceptance and aids in
self-analysis, helping you to see where your problems lay in order to aid you in finding a way to repair them.  Helps improve
concentration, perception and enhances analytical thinking so that you can find a way to deal with problems affecting you and your
life.  When used with clear crystal, agates can help stimulate memories.  It helps overcome negativity and bitterness, heals inner anger
and helps one find the courage to start fresh.  Agate is helpful in emotional traumas especially, when used in conjunction with
traditional health care methods. It can aid in spiritual and mental and emotional growth and encourages deeper thinking.  It has a
cleansing effect spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.  Can help heal the eyes, stomach and uterus, lymphatic system and
the pancreas (always as an aid to conventional health care treatments and professional doctors)  Can also aid in strengthening blood
vessels and heal skin disorders.   


Probably one of the best known of the gemstones, alongside Turquoise for good reason.  It is one of the most powerful and
protective of stones because it contains a high spiritual vibration to its energies.  It is a natural tranquilizer, aids in psychic
development, insight and enhances spiritual awareness.  Extremely beneficial to the mind, it can aid in turning your mind towards
higher pursuits by enabling you to see more deeply into the questions at hand.  Amethyst can also aid in making decisions, helping
you to see options more clearly both from a rational perspective as well as a spiritual one.  Helps focus and enhances the
possibilities available to you.  Calms an overactive mind, aids in insomnia and helps stop nightmares/bad dreams or, at the least,
allows you to put them into perspective to see what has triggered them and prevent them from reoccurring.  It can also help balance
highs and lows in thinking or emotional patterns.  It dissolves anger, fears, resentments, rage, anxiety and can help lift emotional
depressive states when used in conjunction with proper medical/professional treatments (when moderate to severe). Amethyst can
boost production of hormones, balance the endocrine system, cleanse the elimination organs and boost the immune system.  Can
also help reduce physical, mental and emotional pain, ease headaches and aid in releasing tension when other methods are also
applied.  Amethyst should NOT be used in cases of paranoia or Schizophrenia.  All medical cases should be evaluated by a proper
medical professional and treated properly.  Amethyst can be used to enhance these treatments for a healthy outcome.  


Coral is a natural enhancer, bringing back passion, love and attracting love to oneself.  It is also a strengthening stone in
terms of bringing back "fire" to one's self and life.  It can aid in dissolving depression as well as bringing back an inner drive
once thought lost.   Just as its colour of red, it can ignite new passions in all forms within.  It absorbs negative energies,
ignites love and friendship.  It speeds the attainment of knowledge and how to use it in your life constructively.  Can help
strengthen the muscular system, ease depression, strengthen the bladder, balance the parathyroid and disorders of the
kidneys and bladder, along with proper medical diagnosis and treatments.  It is an aid to these measures.  

Green Aventurine  

A stone of Prosperity.  It reinforces leadership qualities and aids in making and taking decisive actions or in making decisions.  It
defuses negative situations and energies, including electromagnetic energies emitted from computers, cell phones, microwaves,
televisions etc..  It can aid you in a journey back into your past in finding sources of problems in order to help you find ways to
dissolve their effects on your "self" now.  It can help stabilize your mind and emotions as you work on your situations and can
enhance your creativity, helping you to see alternatives.  This in turn, can help you gain a sense of wellbeing.  It can also protect
against those who would drain your energy (sometimes referred to as psychic vampirism).  Can help heal the thymus gland,
connective tissues, nervous system, balance blood pressure and stimulate metabolism.  Works well on heart issues (WITH professional
health care medications and treatments...never in place of!)  Can also aid in ridding migraine headaches , soothes the eyes, adrenals,
lungs, sinuses, heart and skin problems.  


Black, red or silver in colour...Hematite is known to be "grounding".  It protects and harmonizes body, mind and soul.  It dissolves
negativity and protects our own energy fields from other negative energies.  It is beneficial during legal problems and adds to our own
energies in finding solutions.  Women find it particularly helpful in building self-confidence, overcoming addictions such as food,
overeating, smoking and alcohol abuse.  Its energies help us to balance our feelings and thoughts out and come to terms with any
mistakes we have made by helping us to put them into perspective, learn from them and move forward, without turning them into
total disasters in our minds and lives.  It can help with circulatory problems, blood problems, such as anemia and can stimulate the
formation of red blood cells.  It can help with leg cramps, anxiety and insomnia as well as helping keep the spine in alignment with
proper professional care.  It should NOT be used where there is a great deal of inflammation where it has been present for long
periods of time.


Strenthening, Onyx can help support your emotions and mental faculties during times of great stress, confusion or difficulties.  It can
center your energies, help access Higher Guidance and help with seeing the way to becoming the Master Of Your Own Destiny.  It can
aid in learning lessons, strengthen knowledge and self-confidence, aiding in allowing you to be generally at ease in any surrounding.  
It aids in being your "own counsel" by holding memories of things past so that you can bring them into your present and future and
work with the lessons learned from them or, by helping you to see where those lessons should have been learned.  Useful in past life
remembrance, healing old injuries, healing old grief and sorrows.  It can act as a "tonic" for ridding old fears, new overwhelming
fears and worries.  Helps make wise decisions.  Helpful for bones, teeth bone marrow, blood disorders and balances yin and yang


Excellent for spiritual attunement and connecting with the Spiritual World, both within and spiritual realms.  Aids in understanding
the spiritual side.  It opens new pathways for the retrieval of wisdom, feel more in control of one's own life, balances emotional
problems, and assists in directing energies towards healing problemed areas of one's life.  It is cleansing and detoxifying and can help
achieve longevity.  Can aid calcium and magnesium absorption, balances hypoglycemia and balances diabetes, along with traditional
and professional health care methods.  


Helps put logic together with intuition, aid spiritual perceptions and aids in bringing the higher mind down to the physical brain area
to aid in using both at the same time, one tempering the other.  It can help deepen meditative states and help understand the
circumstances that you find yourself in.  Sodalite helps you find a drive to find the truth, remaining true to yourself and being able to
stand up for yourself.  It also aids in group situations or group work (excellent for teachers, or leaders of any larger groups).  It is an
excellent stone for the mind, helping to minimize mental confusion by bringing about clarity of thought.  It calms the mind, helping
to process information properly and receive new or additional information, releases old mindsets and permits new ways of seeing
things, circumstances and people as well as helping to put new information and thinking into use.  An oversenstive personality can
also be calmed but, won't hold you back from being who you truly are.  Eases phobias and guilt and control mechanisms to a healthy
level.  Promotes or enhances self-esteem, self-confidence and self-trust.  Works to balance metabolism, calcium deficiencies and
boosts the immune system.  Helps with insomnia throat, vocal cords, larynx, hoarseness and digestive problems.  I can also aid in
lowering blood pressure, along with traditional medicines/treatements for high blood pressure.  Acts as an enhancer to these


A beautiful stone, in and of itself, its properties were and still are, well known to the Native Indian Cultures.  It is thought to
be one of the most highly protective of the gemstones, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.  It can help promote
spiritual attunement, help enhance communication (both with physical beings as well as spiritual beings), and when placed on
the Third Eye (middle of forehead, right above eyebrows), can help enhance intuition and meditation depths.  When placed
on the throat, can unblock communicative blockages, allowing the soul to express itself more freely.  It helps one delve into
past lives and can help illuminate the reasons for your current state of affairs in your life (ie: your own choices, actions or
lack of them as well as those of others in your life).  It is purifying and can help eliminate negative energies, also provides a
clearance of "electromagnetic smog" in our daily lives created through technologies.  It helps bring about self-realization,
empathy and calms one's nerves, especially while speaking in public.  Mentally and emotionally, it can be strengthening and
can help calm panic attacks.  It can help enhance the immune system, strengthen against viruses, infections and lowers
excess acidity in the body and stomach as well as alleviating inflammation in the body.  (Proper health care professional
advice should be used first and foremost.  Turquoise can help/aid conventional medicine, never replace it.)


Promotes "vision" by balancing emotions with spirituality, enhances spirituality and allows visualization as well as psychic vision.  
Useful in meditation or simply as a grounding aid.  It aids in bringing insights from the past into the present and helps release old
wounds, blockages or anything else that inhibits psychological and spiritual growth.  Helpful in seeking out and re-visiting sources of
problems so that one can plainly see where it began and how to deal with it and release it healthfully and constructively thereby,
bringing about healing from these old paths, wounds and griefs.  It gently brings it to the surface to be dealt with.  Helpful in times of
healing and recovery from a major illness, works on the reproductive system, stimulates weight gains where necessary and especially
after long illnesses.  Great for aiding healthy pregnancies and hair and tissue repair and growth.