FAQ:  Can I get a reading right now?

A:   The 1-900 number and storefront psychics may be available immediately and, or  24/7
but, I work like any other professional.  Appointments are scheduled and booked.  Please
question and consider the quality of readings you may be getting from services that run 24/7
or have are available instantly.  It's like getting a doctor who will do a face lift for you instantly
out of the trunk of his car!

FAQ:  How do I confirm my appointment with you?

A:  Appointments are only considered confirmed once payment has been made and you
and I have agreed upon a suitable time to both of us by email.  I do not book appointments
by phone so, please be sure to follow payment with an email to me, indicating the time of
day/days that you are most available within my working hours.  Because appointments are
pre-booked and others are waiting for appointment times, missing your appointment can
result in the loss of your funds.  Should you need to cancel, please try to do so 24 hrs in
advance as appointment times are in demand.  I know Life happens and there are always
emergencies that come up or illnesses so, I will try to re-book but, keep in mind that the half
hour or hour that you are leaving empty by missing your appointment, is time that someone
else could have had and it leaves me with a half hour or hour unused.  Please regard my
work as you would your doctor, lawyer or any other professional that you  book
appointments with as that is how I regard my clients.  

FAQ:  I've put payment through.  Why aren't you answering right away?

A:   I check in for email a couple of times a day and  try to get back to everyone as soon as I
can.  I don't have a receptionist or secretary to answer my email for me and I am generally
fully booked and doing consults for the remainder of the day.   Please realize that I will
respond to you just as soon as I am free to do so.  Usually, I respond within a 24 to 36 hour
period of time (except on weekends).  Please also help me by sending me an email with a
general availability schedule for your consult.  If I have to spend time, sending several
emails to each person who wants to book or to chase someone down after I've received
payment, I'd be not only spending the amount of time it would take to do the actual consult
but, I'd never do any consults for sending emails!   

FAQ: How long will it be before I can get an appointment with you?

ANSWER:  Appointment time waits can vary according to the number of  bookings I have
at the time of your order.  It may be approximately a day or, it can be up to two weeks if I am
heavily booked or depending upon your time frames as well.  Please keep that in mind.   
Again, it is dependent upon the number of clients booking at the time as well as other
professional obligations I have committed and booked off time to as well.  I try to be as
prompt, quick and fair as possible with everyone.  If I am not heavily booked, your reading
may be the next day, if that is suitable to both of us.

The busier times tend to be the later afternoon and early evening slots.  Those book up most
quickly so, if you'd like a time more quickly, try to clear out a lunch hour or afternoon period
for your session.  

FAQ:  What happens if you can't make it or, get sick?

A:  Well, that has happened on occasion.  Unfortunately, I am only human too and Life and
emergencies have sometimes caused me to have to reschedule appointments. Thankfully,
that has been rare but, if that does happen, I try to do the same thing that I am asking you to
do.  I try to get in contact with you as soon as I can and reschedule everyone according to
the order of the appointment.  In other words if you were booked first that day, you are
re-booked into the first available time slot after that.  I try to be as quick and as fair as
possible even if it means reshuffling everyone.