One Of A Kind Design
Semi-Precious Gemstone Jewelry
Did you know that Semi-Precious Gemstones have Metaphysical Properties?  Not only are they beautiful to look at but, they also have a rare piece of
metaphysical history to them.

Everything on this earth has energy.  Even non-living things.  All matter is made up if energy and all that is around us, is matter.  All energies vibrate to different
levels and it is those levels that we feel, react to or, interacts with our own matter.  We are all matter and therefore, all energy.  

Take a look at the reference guide on the Gemstone Meanings page to know what the different gemstones properties and uses are.  Please note, while
gemstones have healing properties, they should
NEVER take the place of a qualified medical professional or your own actions or lack of them.  They should
be used in conjuction with a professional's help, never instead of!  I claim no responsibility whatsoever for any misuse of these gemstones or lack of seeking
proper, professional, medical or other care.
Green Aventurine Necklace and Earring Set (see metaphysical properties tab above)
Approximately 17".  Gold Coloured Metal with glass and faceted crystal (earrings) beads
between the Aventurine pieces.  

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Red Coral Necklace and Earring Set

Approx. 16", gold colored metal medalion beads and gold glass beads.  Truly a beauty.  
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~Jamie Wilson-Hull~

Each piece is handcrafted (not mass produced) and designed using semi-precious gemstones.  They are one of a kinds!  No two
pieces will be exactly alike!  Please also check out the page on Gemstone meanings and uses!  
More will be added!  
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             *NO returns, refunds or exchanges on earrings for hygiene reasons*
Hematite Necklace & Earring Set
Hematite chunk and silver coloured metal beads, Sterling Silver Ear Wires on Earrings.  
Approx. 17" in length.  

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Serpentine and gold colored lace metal Bracelet and earring set.
Oval and round Serpentine and gold coloured metal beads, ear wires, with twist lock clasp for
security.  Approx. 6 1/2" to 7" diameter bracelet.  Perfect for medium to small wrist sizes!

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Green Aventurine And Amazonite Bracelet And Earring Set
Rectangular and round Green Aventurine and round Amazonite and crystals adorn this
gem set.  Drop Earrings, bracelet approx. 7".  Must be seen in person to see it's beauty!

Ontario Orders                        Outside Ontario (Inside Canada)              U.S. Orders