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Here are a few interesting links that you may want to look into!

To Other Website/Blog Owners:
If you have a website or blog of your own and would like to have a link to your website/blog placed on this website,
please email me from my
CONTACT ME  page with your website address.   I will look at your website and discuss
this as well as the conditions and terms with you.  If I feel that the contents of both of our sites are complimentary,
I will discuss it with you.  I only ask that you also put a link to this site up on your site/blog as well in return.  
(Please, no links to porn, casinos, or any spamming type sites!  I will not consider them!)  

The Paranormal Mystic Nook   This is my other site.  It's an interactive site where you can participate in
discussions, ask questions of others, chat with others who are interested in the Paranormal and developing psychic abilities.  
There are lots of wonderful people there to meet and have some interesting conversations.  There's always something going on
in there and membership is free and instant!


There's another link that's kind of FUN!  You can try your hand at your own Tarot Card Readings with the click of a button.  


More into Rune Readings?  Give yourself your own Rune Reading in that area.  Lots of different Rune sets and layouts to
choose from!

A trusted friend of mine, Karin's Astrological Readings are
something to be experienced!  Unlike many other Astrologers
on the net right now, Karin does not just generate a
computer produced reading.  Instead, she does it all
manually and accurately.  Well worth your visit!  You'll
find yourself pleased!  
Since I often work during my Psychic consultations and readings with
Psychometry, it's worth looking into how and what psychometry
consists of.  Wikipedia has prepared some information on it for you to
get the gist of how it works.
Dream diary and dictionary, database dedicated to dream interpretation,
research into the psychology and origin of dreams through analysis of dreams
and spirituality, dream art, love, self improvement via hypnosis, positive thinking,
homeopathy, meditation with weekly articles on alternative health and all things
Designer Gemstones by Sam Silverhawk Cabs cut with the jewelry designer in mind.

Handmade spiritual jewelry & inspirational recovery gifts. Balancing Chakra Jewelry - Anniversary & Birthstone Jewelry including beaded ankle bracelets, beaded earrings, gemstone bracelets, gemstone necklaces, pendants, custom talismans, personalized amulets, beaded watches, and beaded bookmarks. We use the ancient meanings of gemstones interpreted from a 12 Step point of view.

SobrietyStones Spiritual Recovery Jewelry Gifts

Unique Gifts -Artistic Astrology Charts

Artistic astrological charts and unique new age gifts.
Choose from 25 colorful designs to turn
astrology charts into works of art!
Beautiful birth announcements, posters and Zodiac
birthday cards!
Author of Toronto Star Newspaper's daily Horoscope column!  Take a trip to his personal
website and see for yourself that Phil's Astrological forecasts cannot be beat!  Unique
and extremely insightful.  You'll be glad that you visited.  You can order your own
personal forecast based on your own personal date of birth rather than a generalized
Remember to bookmark Phil's site!  You'll want to visit everyday for your forecast.
Bereavement Verses - Prayer - Linda Angel is an online memorial dedicated to helping those who are experiencing a loss in their lives especially with the death of a child.