The following are just a VERY FEW of the MANY letters/emails that I've gotten as
feedback after a reading.  I've removed some of the personal information that were
contained in these testimonials for privacy's sake.  
"I had to write to let you know that you were right on with what you told
me!  I met the man that you described, exactly as you told me that I
would.  I couldn't believe it when I saw him.  Thank you ever so much.  I
will be back for another reading soon."

Marsha G., Connecticut

"WOW, That's what I have to say.  You were spot on with things and it
helped me to see that I was making a huge mistake.  You don't know how
much this reading has helped me.  I couldn't get to sleep last night for
feeling excited for the first time in a very long time.  I know what I need to
do now.  WOW!"

Jocelyn C., Alberta

"When I first booked a reading with you, I have to admit that I
was extremely skeptical.  I was also very nervous but, you made
me feel very comfortable.  You're a funny lady and that made me
feel at ease.  

I know that it's been awhile since you did my reading, but I had
to write to you to let you know that talking to my Grandmother
again was a wonderful experience.  Just knowing that she still
goes on, helps me through my days.  

It was such a wonderful experience and I thank you.  I will be
back to see you."

Alicia K., Florida

"I'm SO excited!!!!!  I thought about what you said these past couple of weeks
and I had to write to tell you that you were right dead on with your reading.  I
needed to make this move and with what you told me, I realized that I had to do
it NOW.  I am ever so grateful for the help that you've given me.  I'll keep in
touch and let you know how it all turned out.  Thank you for being so patient
with me."

James D., Ontario

"I had to write to thank you for my reading.  I'm still trying to come to grips with
losing my husband, but having contact with him has made all of the difference.  I
can now see that he is not gone, only changed.  I still cry, but somehow, I feel that I
can go on a bit better now.  I wish he was still here, talking to me across the table as
we did every morning, but somehow, I know that he is with me.  

You have a wonderful gift.  It's helped me tremendously and I think that my
sister-in-law will be booking a reading also now.  She misses him as much as I do.  
Thank you again."

Sandra M., Texas

"Good Heavens, you had me laughing at myself during the reading you
gave me a couple of weeks ago.  I didn't want the damned thing but, my
wife had purchased it for me and I didn't want to hurt her feelings.  At
first, I thought, "Oh, here we go, an hour wasted when I could be
watching the football game!" but, you hit some very good points that you
couldn't possibly have known about.  Even my wife didn't know anything
about this situation with my business partner.  You had me amazed and I
have to tell you that it sure as hell had me thinking.  As much as I hate to
admit it because I have never believed in this stuff before, you were
pretty damed good!  I'll have my wife write to you and let you know how
this all turns out.  Thanks for the laughs and info.  It could be quite

Mark W., California

"I can't believe that you cared that much that you spent that extra
time with me!  I know that it took way more time than you had planned
on taking and I thank you for it.  

Things are getting better now and I'm really wanting to thank you for
all of your help.  You don't know how much better I felt after we
finished.  I think it may have been the first time in months that I
actually felt like eating something.  You've given me a lot of validation
on what I was thinking and feeling and it's helped me to see what I
need to do. "

Janet L., Ontario

"I just HAD to write to thank you for being there for me!
I've been to all kinds of psychics before, but you made
me feel so comfortable.  When you told me about my son, I
couldn't believe that you were a stranger.  You had him
down pat!  It's as though you knew him personally.  With
what you have come up with, it's given me a lot to go on.
I thought about it all and I now understand a lot about
(name withheld) and how I can help him.  THANK YOU!!!  I
can keep you updated if you want."

Peter K., England

"I just got back from my trip and I have to tell you that
you were a bit off on one of the things that you
predicted.  I didn't just find one woman, I found TWO!  
I'm rolling in them now!  It didn't rain women, it
POURED!  Can you do another reading for me?  I want a new
car now."

Steve L., Oregon

"If it's ok with you, I'd like to book another reading soon.  The
first reading that you did for me was so helpful to me.  I had
wondered who was behind what was going on at work and you
confirmed what I had thought originally.  I did some checking
and you were right.  It was (name withheld)!  She was the one
who did all of the back stabbing.  I've taken action and gone
above my supervisor's head on this.  I'm finally going to see
some action now and does it feel GOOD!  Thank you so very
much.  This has been bugging me for so long and I finally have a

Kathleen M., British Columbia

"We have to stop meeting like this. I know that I've become somewhat of
a "regular" but, you have helped me so much.  Not only have you given
me some very great advice that has helped tremendously, but I feel like
you're a friend now.  

I have to tell you that my daughter WAS accepted at (name withheld) and
she is doing wonderfully as you predicted.  I never thought she'd get in
and I thought that she'd be homesick the first week.  Just as you said,
she's quite at home there and making me proud.  I feel so much better
now.  I have more questions.  When is a good time for you?  I'm going to
book another reading right now."

Jean L., Alabama
All About You Psychic Readings
~Jamie Wilson-Hull~
Psychic Consultant