All About Consultations
               General Information
A Psychic Consultant is meant to give you some insight as to what is going on in your
life, past, present and future. I can also help by contacting a loved one who has passed
over to the Other Side.  My consultations are meant to be used as a guide only.  Any
information given during any reading by anyone can and should never be used in place
of your own common sense, best judgement, or your own wisdom or will.  You are and
always will be the Master of your own destiny.  No one else holds that place or
responsibility, but you.

It's important to understand just how a Psychic Consultant works and what to expect
from any information that you may receive.  The information will help you to get the
most out of your consulting session.   It is hard you on and hard on the consultant if
you come into a session with expectations that are incorrect about what any consultant
can or cannot do.  It's equally disappointing for both you and the consultant if you have
a very rigid and preformed set ideas of what he/she should be able to give you and how.

No Psychic or Psychic Consultant is 100% accurate.  Any of them who claims that
he/she is one hundred percent accurate is one to consider staying away from.  Even the
"Greats" such as Sylvia Browne, John Edwards, or George Anderson will tell you that
they are not 100% accurate. There is a reason for that will be explained below.  Equally
important to keep in mind is that anyone who tells you that you have a "curse" upon
you and that she/he needs to do some type of "removal" or "ceremony" to release you
from it and asks for an extra fee to do this, is also one that requires a good dose of
skepticism.  These types who are often only reading their own futures which involves
quite nice sums of money from your wallet or purse to pad their own pockets.  Stay
away from them!  Run, don't walk.  

Every Psychic Consultant works differently and will use different tools with which to
receive their information.  Some will ask you for a piece of jewelry or something that
you have on you which they can hold onto during the reading in order to tap into your
"energies".  This is commonly referred to as "Psychometry".   Others will use
Divination Tools, such as Tarot Cards, Rune Stones, tea leaves or a Pendulum.  These
are all simply "aids" but, it is the Psychics themselves who are the real "tools".  Some,
will simply use your full name and date of birth or a photograph.  The cards, the Rune
Stones, the Pendulums are all merely vehicles whereby the Psychic interprets what it is
that he/she is picking up.  The cards, stones etc. hold no power in and of themselves.  
They are only as good as the Consultant's ability to read them.

Some Psychic Consultants will only work face to face/in person and others will work in
a variety of methods such as over the phone, email or over the internet either in
Instant Messenger form or in a chat room.  It all depends on what that particular
consultant is most comfortable with and which methods they have trained themselves in
to be able to receive the necessary energies.  No one method is any better than the
other IF he/she feels that they are able to adequately receive what they need in order to
work with you via that particular method.  And, it certainly does not mean that one
consultant is better than another because they have not mastered helping you by all of
these methods.  Also keep in mind that what a Psychic Consultant has on his/her table
or surroundings is not an indication of how good they are either.  A consultant that has
his/her table or room full of crystal balls, decks of cards or all kinds of gizmos, are no
better than a psychic consultant who works with only a piece of paper and a pencil. They
all work differently.  As a matter of fact, the more "gizmos" you see laying around, the
more you may want to question their authenticity. In SOME cases, it may be simply for
show, or it could be to lull you into believing that they are the "real thing" when in
fact, they have no ability whatsoever beyond being good at dressing and acting the part.  
This all leads to answering the question of just what it is that a consultant works with
and how they work.  

Each and every one of us as human beings hold "energies" which are part of our souls
and being. It is these energies that the Psychic Consultant is actually reading.  Cards,
stones, jewelry, birth dates, death dates, names are all simply vessels for this energy
that they are using as tools to pick up on it and interpret. When you shuffle a deck of
Tarot Cards, or a bag of Rune Stones, you are in effect, "infusing" your energies and
thoughts into those items.  One of the best conductors of your energies is a piece of
jewelry that you've worn quite frequently.  Your name and date of birth also act as a
link for the consultant to your energies as do photographs for some.  Again, all of these
are only tools. The real engine for any consultation is your energy and the ability of the
consultant to pick up on and intepret information from those energies.

When a Psychic Consultant begins a reading, he/she must first tune into you and your
energies.  This process may take a few seconds to several minutes, depending on how
"open" you allow your energies to be and what it is that he/she is trying to access or
answer.  It is important for you to work with the consultant rather than fighting against
him/her.  That means relaxing and allowing the him/her to focus. If you are skeptical,
highly tense or resistant, that closes off the field of your energies to him/her.  In effect,
you put up a wall that blocks them from getting to the very thing that she/he needs
most to work with and your session will be less than rewarding for both parties.

Once a consultant has tapped into your energies, he/she will receive pieces of
information from the past, present and future via "snippets" of information.  They may
come in the form of visions (visual pictures/scenes, often referred to as Clairvoyant),
audibly (in the form of spoken words, known as Clairaudient), or in the form of certain
feelings (Clairsentient).  Most Psychic Consultants receive through all of these methods
with an emphasis on one or the other, depending on which of these areas that he/she
has developed more predominantly.  It doesn't matter which method of receiving they
use as all will produce a good reading. Any or all of these pieces of information is
received in quick, short bits/chunks.  It's much like you taking your remote control to
your television set and flipping channels in short, seconds/intervals, listening and
seeing brief snippets.  They are often hazy and unclear and much like having your
television or radio set to a station that is not quite on a channel, or static filled.  Try it
and see for yourself what it may be like for your Reader to get these pieces of
information.  It'll give you a better understanding.  

Most of what a consultant receives is open to "interpretation" by that particular
consultant.  That means that he/she must take these tidbits of information and put
them together much like putting pieces of a puzzle together.  This is where a the less
than 100% accuracy comes into play.  It is difficult, to say the least sometimes, to put
all of this together into one huge, accurate scene as what they receive is not of their
own making.  It is what is being "given" to them and it is given in a rather non-specific
way.  It is also difficult to completely put that puzzle together into one huge and
complete puzzle that has all of the answers.  

Another thing to consider is the fact that these "snippets" are being delivered by a
force outside of the consultant themselves.  There are certain things that we are meant
to know and others that we are not meant to know.  Oftentimes, our own Spirit Guides
will only allow the consultant to see certain things and not others.  Why?  We don't
know for sure but, we do know that there are limitations as to what we can and can't
receive for you no matter how much we or you may want to know.  Therefore, when a
consultant cannot give you definitive answers to a particular question that you may
have, it's not that they are "a bad consultant".  It's that they are not being given the
pieces of information necessary to give you an answer.  They cannot give what they are
not getting and there's usually a reason for which we may never know the answer.  

Some Consultants do Mediumship Consulting (contacting those on the Other Side) and
this is a particularly difficult form of consulting to do.  It involves tuning into the
energies of someone who has crossed over and therefore, has higher vibrational
energies than we, in earthly/physical bodies have.  A Consultant using Mediumship as a
tool, must fine tune his/her own energies in order to pick up that energy.  That is no
easy task so, it's important that you understand that the consultant will likely not be
able to give you what you may hope for in terms of a lot of very specific information or,
answer every question that you may want your loved one on the Other Side to answer.  
You must keep in mind that not only does a Mediumship Consultation depend upon the
Consultant's skill as a Medium, but it also depends greatly upon the spirit that they are
attempting to contact and their will, energies and abilities to communicate with us.  
Someone who had a traumatic, recent or suicidal passing may have weakened energies
and may not be able to give much at all to your Reader.  This is not an indication that
either your consultant is incapable or your loved one doesn't want to talk to you, but
rather that the energies are not strong enough for him/her to make an adequate
contact at that particular time.  It's also important to recognize that those on the Other
Side are not sitting around, idly.  They have a "life" on the Other Side and are just as
busy as we are, here on this side!  Keep that in mind.

Now that you know how a Psychic Consultant works and what they are working with to
give you during your consultation, there a few simple things that you can do in order to
get the most from your session.

Relax yourself before your session.  A closed, tense person will lock up their energies
and make it extremely difficult for a consultant to pick up on those energies.  It's kind
of like locking them in a vault and asking them to get into it.

Keep an open mind.  Don't go into any session with preconceived ideas of what it is that
a consultant should give you.  Remember, he/she can only give you what information,
he/she is being given and how it is given.  Stay mindful that sometimes the messages
that we WANT to hear may not be what we NEED to hear.  There are oftentimes
messages that are better able to help us than what we are asking to hear.  You may be
surprised in the end when you get information that you hadn't thought of asking about
and end up really being a help.  It happens all of the time in sessions.  That's the nature
of our Spirit Guides and the Spirit World.  They know what we need better than we do!

Don't "test" your consultant!  A lot of people will go into a session, TESTING their
consultant.  They have certain "codes" or "code words" that they will expect he/she to
come up with and if they don't, they'll close out their energies which leaves the Reader
with nothing to read.  The moment that you begin to "test" your consultant, you are in
effect, closing yourself and your energies out to anything else that may be there for
him/her to pick up and give you.  That means that you may be missing out on some
very helpful, meaningful and important things that could be offered to you and will
make your consultant very uninspiring to say the least.

Ask your Consultant what he/she needs from you in order to get the best consultation
Hopefully, by now, you have some understanding of what it is that a
Psychic/Mediumship Consultant is about.  This will help you to get the most out of your
consultation.  Knowledge is power.  If you have any questions as to your session, ASK
YOUR CONSULTANT!  Don't be afraid to ask questions to help you understand.  A
good consultant will not have a problem attempting to help you understand how he/she
works or, how a consultation works.
Find out more about
my ethics and how I work.  Ask me questions!

Know How Your Consultant Books Their consultations and Follow Their Instructions
Read through their instructions on booking a consultation with them.  Your
consultation could be delayed, or wrongly booked if you are not clear on how to book it
properly.  Please read their exact instructions.  Take a look at my page on
Booking A

I hope this has been helpful.  Should you have other questions, please feel free to
contact me.  While I attempt to answer as many emails as possible, as quickly as
possible, I am only human and can only get to so many in a day.  So, please be patient
and understanding of that fact.  If I don't answer your question immediately, it is
simply a time issue and not because I am ignoring you or your questions.  Everyone is
of equal value to me and no question is "stupid".  

Love and Light,
Jamie Wilson-Hull
Clairvoyant & Medium
How A Consultant Works And What You Can Expect
What You Can Do To Help Get The Best Consultation Possible

~Jamie Wilson-Hull~

Psychic Consultant