I'm so glad that you've found my site and I'm extending a
huge welcome to you.  

One of the fringe benefits of being a Psychic Consutant , is
getting the wonderful opportunity to meet people from all
walks of life, all over the world. That's MY blessing!

I'm happy that you are here because my consultations are
All About You and being able to tell you what you may
need to know that may help your life in some way.  Please
read on and get to know me, and hopefully, you'll allow me
the blessing of getting to know you as well.  

I'm a Toronto, Ontario, Canada based Psychic Consultant.  
My readings are affordable and accurate.  I try to get right to
the heart of your questions, rather than rambling on with
insignificant information that you really don't need to hear.  
So, read on and find out more about me!  You should know
who is reading for you no matter who you choose.
                    About My Intuitive Background              
I first recognized my abilities at the age of 13 when I started to notice that I was able to see things that others
couldn't or didn't.  It came of little surprise as I come from a family that also has these abilities and had watched it
from the time that I was very young.  My mother was a Medium and frequently saw spirits roaming around our
house.  She'd often walk into a room and be able to give several people in that room a quick and impromptu
reading, astonishing everyone around.  Of course, at that time, it used to really embarrass me!  What child wants
their mother knowing everyone else's business, especially your friends' business?  It also became near impossible
to get away with anything around her. She'd know if I was going to do something wrong, even before I did!

In 1986, my mother passed away at the age of 54 with a malignant brain tumor and I missed her greatly.  I was
raising a 3 year old daughter and taking care of her parents as they both had severe health problems.  I had simply
taken over where she had left off.  One night, exhausted from working, taking care of a young child and sick,
elderly grandparents, I suddenly had the feeling that my mother was around me.  My mother's voice was as clear
as listening to a radio in the same room.  It was then, that I recognized that I had the ability to contact those on the
Other Side and began developing it further.  After all, my mother had made me no stranger to this type of contact
throughout my life.  

In 1999, I wandered into another site on the net where the site owner, also a Psychic and Medium, recognized my
abilities and urged me to work on developing them to be able to do full readings.  When she became ill and unable
to handle her site, I took it over and ran it, doing both paid and free readings.  The more of them that I did, the
more that I developed my abilities.  

Since then, I have done literally hundreds of Psychic Readings.  I have helped in missing person's cases and have
helped hundreds of people through my readings.  You can read some of the testimonials that they've given me
over the years and these are just a very small sampling of the many feedback letters that I've gotten over the
years.  Please take a browse through them.
   About My Consultations & My Ethics
One of the most important things that you should do when choosing any consultant
is to know their ethics as a Psychic Consultant.  It's extremely wise to know who
you are dealing with and whether their ethics and standards are only of the highest
possible intents. NO consultant should make you feel ill at ease in any way.

The first thing that any Psychic Consultant should do, is to make YOU feel
comfortable with them.  While we may be complete strangers, it's important that
YOU feel as comfortable as possible when  you  have a consultation done by any
consultant.  If you are feeling intimidated, frightened or tense, not only is this not
going to be the wonderful experience that a session should be, but it's not going to
be one of a great deal of help to YOU.  So, I try to make everyone as at ease as they
can possibly be.  I don't bite.  That's one thing that people have laughed over when
I've told them to relax.  A lot of people will come in all tensed up, fearing hearing
something "horrible" in their reading and gritting their teeth before I've even
opened my mouth or started typing!  Which leads me to my next point.

I do NOT predict death or illness!  Even should you ask me, I will NOT give you that
kind of information as I am not looking for that in your energies nor, is it for anyone
to predict!  (Do NOT listen to any consultant or psychic who predicts this type of
thing! It is NOT for us to know!) I am looking for what will HELP you in terms of what
insight you may need in order to be able to work on things in your life to make it
better, or in making your own decision as to what to do about things.  

I will NOT tell you what you have to do or should do about something.  I WILL tell
you what you need to know in order to make those decisions on your own.  That is
NOT my place to do.  YOU are the Master of your own destiny and it is YOUR
actions and decisions and free will which make your life what it is or is not.  Please
keep that in mind with any Reader, not just me!  All that any Consultant can do is to
give you "tendencies" not, "absolutes".  NOTHING is carved in stone in your life.  
At any given time, YOU can change the outcome of anything in your future by
making some change somewhere.  The "tendencies" that a Psychic Consultant
gives you during a reading are simply the POTENTIAL outcome of situations should
you continue on the path that you're on right now.  YOU can change that path at any
given time by even one simple change that you make.  

What I WILL do in my consultations is attempt to make you comfortable and at ease
so that I can give you the best experience possible!  I have quite a sense of humor
and that usually puts most people at complete ease.  Beware of my humor.  I may
have you laughing!  (I wonder if I need a disclaimer on that one?!  BEWARE:  I may
make you laugh!)  

I will also do my very best to answer as many questions as time permits.  But, you
must also keep in mind that I may not get around to all of your questions as it takes
time to get answers properly.  My philosophy is that it's better to have a couple of
questions well answered to help you than to have many scantily answered.  So, be
sure to have your most important questions or areas asked first in any reading.  

Although the length of my consultations are stated, IF I need to go overtime, I do.  I
don't really watch a clock.  As long as I'm still getting information, I will give it.  
However, I do have to mention that a lot of people misinterpret that time frame and
go on to ask many questions, thinking that there is a never ending amount of time
and they start including their entire family's problems! I have booked time slots and
while I always try to allow extra time between consultation sessions to go
overtime, I cannot go on to answer questions endlessly.  Others are waiting and
have booked their times.  Please just keep that in mind if I go overtime with you if

In short, I'm glad that you have found me and I hope that you'll enjoy my site and
my consultations.  

I look forward to getting to meet you in one way or another and I send you my

Love and Light,
Jamie Wilson-Hull
All About You Psychic Readings
~Jamie Wilson-Hull~

Psychic Consultant
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