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Entry for June 15, 2006

Ah, my second day blogging and I think that I've worked out some of the kinks now.  But, not before I nearly threw my computer through a window!  A little rest goes a long way towards putting your head back on your shoulders.

I'm not exactly sure on what type of format I should be writing in,  so let me just start off by writing the way that I speak were I to meet you in person.  That's probably how you'll get to know me best.   

Those around me know that I speak straight from my heart.  That's something that I've done since I was a child.  I'm not one to put on "airs" or pretend that I'm someone that I'm not.  That's being dishonest.  No one gets to know the real you and that's not fair to either yourself or anyone else.  So, you'll get to know the "real me" here as time goes by, if you're reading these entries.  You'll also get to know more about my life and my thoughts.  Oh joy!Image

So, keep reading.....I can be quite a character!


2006-06-15 16:21:16 GMT
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