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Color Me Summer!

I live for Spring and Summer.  To me, there is nothing more wonderful than the freedom of being able to actually walk out my door without having to put thirteen layers of clothes on and STILL find myself shivering!

But, more than anything, it's like the world has come alive again.  The colors of summer are, to me, breathtaking! 

There is nothing as beautiful as a garden full of flowers against a backdrop of green grass, trees and shrubbery and while it will come all to quickly, I dread the winter months returning to turn it all into a black and white world again, with only shades of gray, gray and more gray.I know someone who travelled to China on a vacation where in parts, there is no color whatsoever due to soot from factories covering most surfaces.  People were apparently taking clothing out of suitcases just to see color and keep their sanity.  We need color.

In a way, I have my own coping technique during the winter months.  I paint my home with the colors of Summer.  My bedroom is a garden scene with greens, blues and vines painted onto the walls.  My kitchen is a bright fuscia to the point where you almost need sunglasses to stand it in there and that doesn't cover the fact that I have put in "Daylight" or "full spectrum" fluorscent lighting to simulate daylight!  The basement is painted a Day Lily peach while my bathroom is a lilac.  It's almost enough to send your senses into "overload"! 

But, alas, whether anyone else likes it or not, those colors and lights keep me sane during the very LONG Canadian winter months. 

It also keeps the paint suppliers in business!  I may go into Marigolds, Petunias and Pansies next.   God help those who don't like color because my house could drive them to drink!


2006-06-18 02:26:48 GMT
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