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One Man's Pain Is Simply Another Man's Frustration

The past few days has been a blur of different little annoyances that have all culminated into a bottle of aspirins sitting on my counter, ready for use. 

Over the past few days, just about every appliance in my house has broken down, I've had to make an emergency visit to a doctor for an eye injury and I think that I've stubbed my toes about 45 times in the past few days. 

My little episodes pale by comparison to the troubles that some people face.  There are so many people out there who are facing horrendous battles and it helps to put that into perpsective.  However, one can't help feeling frustrated all the same when these things happen in bunches like this.

It seems that everything is relevant to what it is that we, ourselves are used to facing in life.  For some, these little annoyances are simply that and the very least of their worries.  While for others, it's a real upsetter that can send them over the edge.  So, why is it that we're proned to complain, even though we have it good by comparison to others?

Well, in reading a book once (and, don't ask me which one now, I read so many) that gave a little analogy.  Two men are waiting in a hospital emergency ward, waiting to be seen by a doctor.  One man has a broken leg and is hardly complaining while the other is waiting to be seen for a broken toe and is driving everyone around him insane, complaining about it and the wait time.  Well, one would think that the man with the broken leg would be the one doing the most complaining, but instead, the man with broken toe was the one doing it all!

Each one of us has a different tolerance level.  One person may be able to handle dozens of mishaps, pain or frustration and let it roll off of their backs.  But, another may have very little tolerance for any of this and just about go off the deep end over it. 

For both men in the Emergency ward, the pain was tolerable for the man with the broken leg, but for the man with the broken toe, it was unbearable.  Does that make him a whimp and the other man a brave hero? 

Strangely enough, the answer to that is not necessarily.  The  man with the broken leg may have a far higher pain threshold and be able to bear it a lot easier while the man with the broken toe may have a very low level of pain tolerance and it feel excrutiating to him.  That means that the man with the broken leg is not necessarily feeling the pain as badly as the man with the broken toe! 

So, what does all of this mean?  It means that we cannot look upon another person's mishaps, or pains in life and judge him against how WE would react to the same circumstances because we are all different on what and how we can deal with things in our lives.  It's a hard concept to grasp, but it's necessary to understand that idea.  Were we to judge everyone else according to our "standards", we'd be doing a disservice to others and judging them unfairly.  They are not us and we are not them.  This is where the old saying comes in....."Never judge a man unless you've walked a mile in their shoes.".  We cannot know what they are really feeling.  We can only know how we would feel but, we are not them and we are not walking in their shoes. 

So, while I'm hobbling around on my bruised toes, trying to find the phone numbers for repair people and doing it with one eye patched shut, swearing as I go along through frustration, (or, at the costs of the service calls!) I'll try to remember that this is just a small pain in the rear by comparison to what some people are going through.  BUT, I will also allow myself to feel the frustration, do the cursing and take my aspirin for the headache that I've been dealing with for days now because no matter what else anyone else is going through, these things are a pain in the rear to ME right now! 

I only wish someone else could walk in my shoes since I can't get them on over my poor swollen toes!

2006-06-21 16:40:14 GMT
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Oh yes, the appliance rebellion! I remember that one too! It seems they all decide to break at once! Hang in there and watch those toes! (((HUGS))) Renay
2006-06-22 20:07:18 GMT
Your blog is really interesting. Makes me feel that I am not the only one with little things happening to me at present. Three walls in the house started to flake off and bubble - plastering needed. Bank card stopped working - scratched badly by goodness knows who! Bank lost all papers attached to pensions which I might need to mortgage my house. Can't wait till July comes - hope it will be less niggly!
By the way Louellen - a few weeks before my daughter got married, I fell and needed six stitches above my eye!! Funnily enough, the wedding photos show no signs of my 'accident' - must have been my wide brimmed hat.
2006-06-23 10:03:32 GMT
Ah, Renay.....wouldn't it be nice if all appliances came with "self-help" menus like our computers or diagnostic programs so that we could figure it out ourselves?!

As much as I curse at my computer when it's down, I now think that perhaps, it's the best piece of technology in my house right now. While I may not be a computer genius, I have found my way around many a technical problem without having to resort to a repair person.

Now, if only I could teach myself, tv, fridge and washer/dryer repair, I'd be a heck of a lot richer!
--Jamie Wilson-Hull
2006-06-24 04:08:01 GMT
Jan, you know, I think that oftentimes, these bunches of frustration are Life's way of grounding us to the fact that there are everyday things that we have taken for granted.
Who would have thought that our walls were that important? Or, better still, in your example, perhaps, it's a wake-up call not to take walking for granted! We had better "ground" ourselves and learn to put our attention into "the moment" or we can end up getting pretty hurt!

But, I can say.....I'm glad that your injury didn't show up on the photos! It was likely meant to tell you..........SLOW DOWN JAN! Take your time! :)
--Jamie Wilson-Hull
2006-06-24 04:13:26 GMT
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