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Entry for June 23, 2006

People come and people go from each of our lives.  Some are here for the long-haul and others are just "passing through".   But, have you ever wondered why these people are in our lives or even if they have a purpose at all?

Very often, we never really know the reason why certain people are in our lives, let alone the ones who are only here for the short-term. 

When I've looked back at many of the people who have come and gone in my life, I've often found that many of them have served some purpose in one way or another and have taught me something or filled some void in my life at that time.

In retrospect, I find that most of those people who are no longer in my life now, had filled a "need" of some kind during the time that they were in my life.  Not that I "used" these people or they, me, just that at that particular point in time, they were the people who were a necessary part of my life and brought a lot of interesting things along with them that I have learned from and gained something from and once there was no longer that need, both they and I moved onto others in our lives.

When I look back at my friends over the years, and I've been blessed with many, I can see that each of them held their own special places in my life and I can look back with fondness at the experiences and how they all have enriched me life in some way or another.  Even the bad experiences have been ones that I have grown from or learned from in one way or another.

The one common thread that I've seen in all of these instances is that they were all "aids" in a way, for lack of a better word, to my personal growth and I can only hope that I was an aid in their growth as well.

No matter how insignificant or how short a period of time these people occupy spaces in our lives, there is always something beneficial that can be taken from having had them in our lives.  There is always something that has been experienced with them or something learned from them. 

There are very few people that stay in our lives for the entirety of either our lives or theirs.  Most people that we know will eventually move onto other things and other people and other places and we may never see them again, but in their wake, they have left some sort of a memory in our minds and, or in our hearts.  We have taught them something and they have taught us something.  At the least, they have filled a space in our lives no matter how brief with something.  It's taken me a long time to realize that fact. 

Try sitting back now and think back to people who have come and gone from your life.  Take a look at each one of them and see if you can't find something that you have either learned or some space that these people have filled in one way or another.  Perhaps, it was as simple as you needed someone to go to the movies with, or he/she was your first kiss, or perhaps, it was that you needed someone as a friend at the time and they filled that need, or perhaps, it was just simply someone who filled a bit of a time with conversation while waiting in line at a check-out counter.  Whatever the time, or however long or brief it was, these people have filled something in your life in some way or another, no matter how insignificant it all might seem on the surface.

If you take a few moments to think back, I'm sure that you'll find many examples of how true this is.  It's quite amazing when you realize that fact because the next time that you run across someone new in your life, no matter how long or how short it may be, be thankful for that time frame that you are spending with that person because it's likely that you're growing and learning from them or gaining something from that person in some way or another at that very time and vice versa. 

Then, thank your lucky stars that you are being given that gift!  Everyone in your life, in some way or another, gives you something!  Remember that.  It will help you to enjoy others much more.



2006-06-24 03:54:01 GMT
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