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The Good And The Bad

It's hard to imagine that in the span of a half hour, you can meet a dishonest person, a really nasty person and then, find an absolute angel.

I went to the grocery store today to pick up a few items that I needed in between other business related errands.  As I reached the cart area, I realized that I didn't have a quarter for the buggy/cart (depending on what  you may call it).  After searching the lint in my pockets and the lining of both my wallet and purse, I realized that I had 2 dimes and a nickle, none of which the buggy/cart apparatus will accept. 

Feeling really stupid for not having one (the joys of using interact/debit cards as not many of us carry cash around as much anymore), I stood there, hoping and praying that someone would come around to return an empty buggy/cart so that I could give them the 0.25 cents in change as an exchange for them getting back their quarter. 

As luck would have it, it was Monday afternoon and not many people were shopping at that time.  I guess that there's something to be said for the hustle and bustle of a weekend shopping trip, but not worth the bangs, bruises and frustration in my estimation.  I prefer a week day.  As I stood there, figuring that I would have to go into the store, stand in line at a check-out counter and ask for a quarter, just to begin the entire process all over again, I spotted a couple of elderly gentlemen, sitting outside of the store on a bench.  One had his arm draped over an empty buggy. 

After approaching this man, I asked was he willing to accept my change in exchange for the empty buggy.  He replied that it was no problem, undraped his arm and took my 25 cents. 

It wasn't until I had entered the store, that I realized that the mechanism that accepted the quarters had no quarter in it.  That meant that the man had likely just simply been leaning on the buggy at the time and never had put any money into it because it likely wasn't his at all!  Yet, the man accepted the money willingly and didn't say a word.  Not that it's any problem that I gave the man 25 cents for nothing, but it's the point that this man had all of the opportunity to have said, "Oh, go ahead and take it!  Forget the change.  It's not mine.  I'm just leaning on it!"  as I would have said.  Instead, he allowed himself to profit from someone else.

As I finished my shopping and began unloading the cart into the back of the car, a young gentleman came up from behind me, picking up my bags and putting them into the trunk for me.  Hesitant, I started to panic a bit because I have been used to having this type of thing done in exchange for change and I had none to offer him.  I tried to stop him as I didn't want his help for free, but he continued until all of the bags were in the car.  I turned, feeling quite embarrassed to tell him that I didn't have any cash, but he had left, walking away, as though he had never expected anything in return!  I yelled "thank you so much" across the parking lot, but he never even turned his head.  Just waved a slight wave from behind as though to say, "you're welcome".

It was only after I had the groceries put away and was cooking dinner that I realized that in the short span of a half hour, I'd met the "bad" and the "good"  in people and it made me chuckle to myself. 

But, one thing stood out to me in these incidents.  The first man's lack of honesty and even greed for .25 cents was laughable but, still, I got "taken" for that money by someone dishonest.  At the other complete end of the spectrum, a half hour later, I was repaid by someone else's simple and pure kindness!   

Does Life itself operate like that?  Are we plagued by the bad, only to find the good at some point down the road? 

It's nice to think that it happens that way, isn't it? 

Perhaps, it is!  Remember that the next time something bad happens to you.  The "good" could be shortly following those times. 


2006-06-27 00:39:03 GMT
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That is nice and it was a good story. Have a good day
2006-08-21 23:34:45 GMT
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