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Skeptic or Wannabe Believer?

From the time that I was young, I've always held a deep love for animals.  Even as a child, sitting in the back seat of the family car at a Saturday night drive-in with my parents, I'd cry at the thought of an animal being injured in a scene.  This type of antic became annoying for my father who happened to love the Western style movies where the "cowboys" were regularily shot off of horses.  Only one horse had to fall over and I'd be in hysterics in the back seat.   

"Oh, for heaven sake, Jamie," my father would say, annoyed by my frantic upset, "ten men have been killed and you're crying over a horse falling over?"

He just didn't see my love for animals and ended up many times, explaining to me that the horses weren't really dead, they were "acting" and got up the moment the camera was taken off of them.  He went through detailed explanations as to how these horses were trained to fall over much like a dog was trained to roll over and play dead. 

I think I may have driven the poor man insane! 

But, my love for animals still exists as strongly as ever and I'd go to the ends of the earth for one of my beloved pets and literally have put myself in great financial debt, trying to save their lives when they've been sick.

One pet in particular, Topper, was more than a cat to me.  He saw me through my father's passing and was by my side through all of my normal human troubles.  So, when Topper became ill, I wouldn't leave his side either. 

When things became impossible for ordinary veterinary medicine to cure, I began looking into alternative medicines/treatments as well as prayer.  I did a lot of research and found things that even Topper's vets hadn't really given much credence.  I asked for their help, but as is usual with traditional medicine, anything outside of traditional treatments wasn't well accepted. 

Some $9,000.00 later, I was still battling to help Topper who was doing much better as a result of my efforts and research.  However, I  had a lot of Pshawing from one vet in particular.  She had decided that nothing was going to work for Topper and he should be euthanisized in spite of the fact that I had come up with a reasonable explanation for why Topper was in that particular "rough spot".  It took me taking him from that office to another veterinarian clinic to prove that he still had life to live.  Quality life.  And, I proved just that with this other vet who was willing to have some faith and trust MY "gut instincts".  Thank God for her!

While Topper eventually had to pass over, he had a year more than what this one particular vet had even dreamed he could or should have had, given her diagnosis.  And, to me, that was more than I could have hoped for.  While nothing cured Topper of his ailments, my faith in my "gut feeling" gave him more than anyone could have believed.  I believed in Topper's will to live and Topper believed in and trusted me. 

After Topper's passing, I looked back in retrospect and realized that the first vet did not go by "gut feelings" in any way and she seemed to take a rather, distant and colder view of anyone who approached these types of situations with their "instincts".   I knew that she didn't like me for one reason or another and yet, I had never told her of my abilities. 

Last week, I did a search for something that accidently led me to a website for "Skeptics".  Guess who's picture was on it?  Yes, that very same vet!  She is an active "skeptic" to all areas of paranormal, psychic and alternative health treatments.  She has become a member of this group of skeptics and actively seeks out ways to debunk all forms of "healings", "miracles" and anything to do with something beyond the Humanist point of view on life. 

From the very first day that I met this vet, I had an inner "uneasiness" with her and couldn't explain why.  I knew that there was something within her that also felt the same about me and I often remarked to my husband that I just "felt" that she didn't exactly like me, but couldn't figure out why.  My husband agreed that he noticed a rather "cold and distant feel to her" towards me as well and he couldn't figure it out either. 

As I said earlier, there was NEVER a time when I had mentioned my abilities to her so, she could not have taken a conscious dislike to me for my beliefs being contrary to hers.  Whatever dislike she felt towards me had to have come from some other level and it's only in hindsight this past week that I finally understand that it was on a subconscious level that our psyches clashed.

I laugh now because it's ironic that a skeptic would be trying so hard to debunk this type of thing and yet, was experiencing what she was trying so hard to dismiss as garbage.  We had both felt one another's instant clash of energies and not recognized it as such at that time.  Even SHE had experienced it without knowing it on any conscious level. 

Just this evening, I was sitting back, thinking about this vet as another article of hers popped up on the net from this skeptics group that she belongs to.  I had to wonder just why someone who is a so-called "Humanist" and "Skeptic" would go to such great lengths to disprove these phenomina?  If you don't believe in something, you don't believe in it.  It's as though it doesn't exist.  Why the need to go to such great lengths to disprove it?

Those questions led me to the question and the thought;

Are Skeptics really just "wannabe believers"?  Deep down inside, are they really searching for someone or something to help them to find proof so that they can believe? 

That's a question that I intend on taking up with her!  I'll let you know.



2006-07-02 05:13:41 GMT
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I KNEW that there was reasons I so connected to you! You are like me when it comes to animals! LOL...I had just written this paragraph in my blog yesterday!....."When we were leaving the vet today...someone brought in a towel...well in the towel was this tiny little puppy with no hair...it was premature....the chi that had the pup had been in distress and this little one was the only survivor. She opened up the towell for us to see the little angel and my heart just broke. I said I sure hope she makes it and then proceeded to start crying. Steph knows how I am and says why don't you go out to the car while I finish up paying. The girls at the counter saw me start and asked Steph if I was going to be ok. LOL. Steph told them she just is very attached emotionally to any animal...especially dogs. I got out to the car and had to find something to wipe my eyes. She was just so tiny and vulnerable. I hope she makes it. Saturday July 1, 2006 - 04:53pm (CDT) Edit | Delete | Permanent Link | 0 Comments

2006-07-02 14:20:45 GMT
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