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Bad Times, Or A Nudge?

I just finished reading a post in my MSN Group Site(http://groups.msn.com/BehindTheVeil  by one of my group members who has recanted a story about a horrid situation she was facing and because of it, how she recognized that she was being "pushed" onto a different path by something "Higher" than her.

Very often, we will face situations in our lives that will seem less than "nice" and will wonder WHY we are facing them.  How could the Higher Powers be so cruel?  Why should we have to deal with what we're dealing with?

More often than not, and only in retrospect, do we look back and realize that had we not faced these situations, we wouldn't have made choices that have led us down certain other paths.  Could it be that those in Higher Positions than us are guiding us down different paths for a reason?

Have you ever felt that everything was crashing down around your ears and landing squarely on your shoulders and no matter what you do, your situation doesn't improve, it only gets worse? 

Well, perhaps, it's your Guides' way of letting you know that it's not getting better because you're supposed to be making different choices.  It may be your Higher Powers' way of grabbing your attention and saying,

"Hey, you're not paying attention and making the changes that you should be making, so I'm going to make you as miserable as possible until you finally start paying attention and make changes!"

Yes, sure, a lot of times, we tend to dodge those "signs" and continue on with our same path, trudging through the "mud" so to speak.  We even tend to try to learn to cope rather than simply making the changes that we could or should make.  Equally unfortunate is the idea that as long as we're willing to put up with that, we'll continue to have these bad times and situations.

(Can't you just hear our Spirit Guides and Higher Powers sitting back now, saying, "If they're that stupid, let them live in it until they finally get the hint!")

If we think of our own children and how often we try to tell them something, but they're not listening, we also recognize that we sometimes have to simply let them go the route that they are heading down and hope that they'll eventually get the idea that unless they change their paths and do things differently, they're going to have to live with the situation as it is. Imagine how frustrated our Spirit Guides and Higher Powers must be with us!  We are, in effect, their "children"!

So, the next time you find yourself in something that just doesn't improve, no matter what you do, or gets even worse, perhaps, it's time to ask your Guides and Higher Powers what it is that you need to be doing and what path you're supposed to go down. 

Then, it's time to really LISTEN!  Perhaps, all of these "bad things" are simply your Guides' and Higher Powers' toes of their boots up your rear to get you to move down a different path.  Time to start listening.  The answers are there!


2006-08-17 20:23:44 GMT
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