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Entry for September 21, 2006

I haven't posted an entry for awhile as time hasn't been my friend lately.  But, I read a piece that my daughter wrote for a friend of hers in a birthday card and I wanted to share it with everyone as it really is something that all of us need to remember. 

This is from my Daughter, Jen for all of you!

Life is a labyrinth of paths for us to follow. We have certain paths that

> we are destined to take but sometimes we stray from these and become lost.

> Fate has a way of stepping in and giving us signs to help direct us back

> to our destiny and it is up to us to recognize this and follow them back

> home. They say that the further you stray from your path, the harder and

> more difficult life may become in an attempt to force us back.


> Intuition is a powerful force that we, unfortunately, forget the

> importance of in our lives. We use our mind instead which can be corrupt

> and confused. It is important to remember to follow your dreams.


> Remember that one of life's greatest lessons is to love one's self and to

> find happiness within. You can't truly give yourself to someone or let

> them into your heart until there is a certain level of self fulfillment,

> love and confidence within you.


> The right path may not be the easiest; it may require hard work and

> strength, and the reason you may be straying is because of a lack of

> determination, confidence, and a bit of fear. But remember that this path

> will be the most rewarding and fulfilling ultimately leading to the truest

> kind of happiness; the kind that lasts forever and helps you blossom into

> your destined form of beauty. Beauty encompasses love, emotion, strength,

> creativity and thousands of other qualities from both inside and out. We

> are all beautiful. What's important is to truly feel that the two forms of

> beauty are one and the same and have merged.  That realization and

> acceptance of ourselves is the way to self fulfillment, which will lead

> you to achieve anything your heart desires. Remember that confidence and

> happiness attracts love in all forms of relationships and that

> relationships are there to help you grow and follow your destiny. They are

> not to be mistaken for your destiny and they are not answers to your

> problems. Relationships, whatever form it may be, cannot fix what is

> lacking on the inside and neither can material items.


> You are an incredibly strong person and you possess great intuition,

> creativity, beauty, intelligence and a big heart. Tap into those strengths

> and use them to reach your dreams and goals. You possess them for a reason

> as it is part of your destiny.


> So look at the signs Fate has been giving you and search within to realize

> your dreams remembering to follow your intuition. That should guide you on

> your way home, back to your destined path.

2006-09-22 04:16:53 GMT
Comments (4 total)
I enjoyed your blog...and also enjoy 'Behind The Veil'. Still waiting to see why I was to not only e-mail but find your other page and read your blogs. Hmmm...my new skill!!! I can do a reading of blogs!!! Hahahahaha...
2006-09-30 03:24:16 GMT
Hi nice essay I should say. I agree on most parts. However what I cannot agree is "Look at the signs of Fate and follow intution and that would guide us to our destined path". Well true and false. We have a destined path that is true. But destined path could be a bad one. Destined path could be - one would be dying in a car accident, ending up in jail or catching up some illness. Destined path may also deliver - a lottery winner. A good job etc etc. In here you just take it as granted our destined path should be nice and clear and beautiful. I don't think so. I think our bad karma or any other natural reason (earthquake, teror attack etc) can land us on a hot spot. So listen to intution is good thing but also doing right thing and helping others, not to do any harmful things which create bad conditions/karma for us is also important which you seems to ignore.
--Ajith Dharma
2006-10-04 13:16:56 GMT
Author:Jamie Wilson-Hull
Hi Ajith:

Yes, I totally agree with you that our "paths" in life may not necessarily be "good ones" as they may be either paying back Karma, or teaching us lessons that we have yet to learn. However, in the sense that my daughter was meaning "following your intuition and destined path", I feel she was meaning more towards being "true to oneself" so to speak and being the best that one can be. In other words, doing exactly what it is that you're saying that everyone should do, not harming oneself and not creating bad conditions for oneself.

I've always told my daughter that no matter what, "if something doesn't "feel" right, it's not, don't do it". It is this type of reference that she was eluding to. In other words, try to listen to your "inner knowing". If we listen to our own true "inner knowing" we know what is doing harm and what it not. Deep down inside, we truly do know that certain things are doing wrong and certain things right. It's when we stray from those "inner and intuitive knowings" that we get ourselves into trouble and lead ourselves down wrong paths...not only for us, but with others as well.

Most people know on some level or another that what they are doing not only to themselves, but to others is wrong at times, yet we head down that path because it's an "easy choice". That can lead us down a path to "self-destruction". So, we really need to listen to that "inner knowing" and follow the paths that may not be easy ones rather than taking the path of least resistance. Deep down inside, we "know" what is right and what isn't. It is that, that we need to follow.

Good points to consider Ajith! Thank you for commenting!
2006-10-04 16:21:30 GMT
Me again, Lou! My friend I speak of having sacred contracts with...the one with head buried so deep up his arse he thinks head is still in right place? He admits to knowing something is wrong and still doing the wrong thing.

He was with girlfriend several years ago and was told so clearly to not go down a street and go around the long way. He had to see what would hurt him...ended up in bad wreck that has given him probs in his neck ever since. You might say he is a bit stiff-necked?

That dern human pride is such a stumbling block to our spiritual progression! I told him I would rather listen to a warning not knowing what was there and people tell me I am a damn fool than be the damned fool who had to find out what would hurt me.

I have seen several outcomes for him, depending on his choices. So? The message you posted by your daughter is very timely. I am getting a very strong impression to e-mail "He with head stuck up arse so far he thinks he sees light" friend and try once again to help him see the truth about himself.

Thanks for being you! You know what? If others did not disagree with you, what you say would not seem important. It is because you are making a difference that you hear from others.

I guess now I can tell why I first blogged into you? Hahahaha...

--~Malauna Mstree~
2006-10-18 21:40:51 GMT
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