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A Pine Cone Laugh

Whomever said, "Laughter is the best medicine" should be lauded.  Life often hands us some really tough stuff to get through.  More often than not, it comes in bunches and not in single, manageable doses.  When these types of "hurricanes" as I like to call them hit, there is little that we can do, but strap ourselves to the nearest pole and hope for the best.  One way or the other, these "hurricanes" end, but it's riding it out in the meantime that's the hardest thing to do.

I have a very dear friend who while we've never met in person, knows how to keep me laughing in spite of the turmoil that is going on around me.  She knows full well, how to dig down into herself and figure out what it is that I need.  And, damn it...she always gets it right. 

This past week, I have been feeling snowed under.  On top of the extreme dreary weather that we've been having (3 weeks of no sun), I've had some other rather stressful events that have left me rather down and anxious.  Did this daunt her?  Nope!  She dug into her magic bag of tricks and pulled out her wonderful heart.  She not only let me vent and, boy did I vent, but she also didn't let me dwell on the negative.  Instead, she began using her wonderful witty sense of humor.  In no time flat, she had me nearly under my computer desk, laughing so hard that I could barely straighten up. 

Did she solve my problems?  No, but she did something that nothing and no one else had been able to do which worked its own magic.  She made me laugh!

They say that there's endorphins and other wonderful body chemicals that are released with a good laugh and makes us feel good.  The effects last long past the actual laugh itself and how true that is.  I found myself able to sleep that night a very restful and peaceful sleep.  And, in spite of another dull, cloudy and miserable day in a long string of them, I found myself feeling like the sun had shone for that time. 

It's also said that exercise has anti-anxiety/anti-depressant properties and releases the same/similar endorphins but, I can tell you that after she had finished with getting me to laugh, I felt like I'd done several hundred crunches!  It was difficult to catch my breath and my sides hurt!  Oh, what a wonderful feeling it was.

Thank you Michelle!  HUGS!!!  I shall go look at my Pine Cones again now!




2006-11-22 00:00:40 GMT
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