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Changing An Outcome?

It's been awhile since I've posted an entry.  I've had a lot going on and so little time to write lately.  I'm hoping to get back to doing more of it. 

Lately, I've been noticing a lot of negativity in a lot of people's lives, including my own.  It's hard to fathom how it could that so many people would or could be experiencing so much negativity all at one time.  One has to wonder whether this is some "cosmic" thing that's causing it, or whether we have all faltered in our own ways and lives to cause this much angst.

I've had several friends whose parents have passed, others who are not feeling up to par due to oddball viruses and many others who are feeling that they are "in a funk" to use their own words. 

Personally, I have found 2007 thus far to be a really negative year.  There have been health concerns not only within myself, but with other family members and I've been going through my own kind of "funk".  It's had me wondering whether there are things that either I'm doing wrong, or whether this is just an "off" bit of time where The Universe is creating some negativity in a lot of people's lives right now?

Part of it is us, ourselves.  We do create some of our own havoc for ourselves.  In making choices, we often subconsciously "choose" the very things that are happening to us.  As we think, so it is.

I've often wondered why things have happened and in looking back, I can see where I have caused certain things to happen to myself.  For instance, if I've thought that something was going to happen, I've actually acted as though it will before it has.  In essence, I have subconsciously created the circumstances that have caused these things to manifest.  I have actually "drawn it to me" instead of allowing things to play out normally. 

I was thinking back to a couple of friends that I have written about in another entry.  In thinking things over, I now realize that I had EXPECTED them to have the reactions that they did to certain circumstances and my entire demeanor was one of waiting for it to happen.  It did.  Were my psychic abilites just kicking in and I simply foresaw what was going to happen?  Well, part of that answer is yes.  My psychic abilities did foresee the outcome, but the other part to that answer is that I continued to actually make it happen by my expectations and belief in what I saw.

Was this a mistake?  Most certainly!  I did not take the advice that I give to all of my clients.  I am The Master of my own destiny!  There are very few things that we cannot change in our lives and I perhaps, could have changed the outcome had I changed my thinking.  Had I taken a different view of things when I saw them happening and realized that I could have made some changes in the path things were going down, I perhaps, could have changed the outcome even in only a small way.  I didn't.  Instead, I saw what I saw coming and I reacted with a negative mindset which told me that I couldn't change it.  All combined, that created the outcome. 

What could I have done differently?  How could I have changed that outcome?

Well, there are no perfect answers but, I recognize that had I believed that it was possible to change that outcome even in some small way, I would have taken a different set of actions and an entirely different approach and attitude towards the situation which in turn, would have changed the path that the events took.  Would it have solved it completely?  That's hard to say as each individual has their own choices of paths to take and could have chosen to go down the same path anyways.   However, the one thing that I do know is that I could have said that I did everything within my power to have switched MY path and that would have likely have led to a different outcome, even were it to be only for myself.

So, the next time that something happens in your life, look to see what YOUR attitude is.  If you believe that you cannot change anything about it, think again!  Use some positive thinking there and even if you cannot see that you can totally change the entire outcome of anything, you can at least, change some of it....even if it is only your own!

2007-05-26 16:14:38 GMT
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