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Thinking = Manifestation?

Like millions of other people, I have read the book "The Secret".  Yes, there's a movie out about it and certainly, you can take "online crash courses" to "discover The Secret", but I prefer the old fashioned way of reading my information.  It somehow soaks in better.  Even though I have the ability to rewind or replay any part of a DVD (it's now on DVD), somehow, going back and re-reading a sentence or paragraph is somehow easier in my mind. 

That point aside, I'm thinking about the message in general behind this book/movie/phenominon and what is driving it.  More to the point, does it work?

The entire message behind this hype is that if you think, you shall receive.  Now, where did I hear that before?  Could it have been the Bible?  "Ask and ye shall receive".  Don't ask me to quote the scripture that came from as I'm about a learned about the Bible as I am about building a rocket. 

It's by far not a new concept at all.  I think Dr. Norman Vincent Peale came up with it first in his best selling set of books, The Power Of Positive Thinking.  The only difference between his idea and that of these self-proclaimed New Aged Quantum Physists is that instead of using the term "God", they use "The Universe" and blatantly tell you that it makes no difference as to what you call the "energy" that you call upon as it's one in the same.  Ok, so for me, I'm in agreeance with that point.  I'm not much of a fan of labels, so call this higher energy/power/consciousness, or whatever other name you, personally, feel comfortable with, whatever you wish.  It's still all the same "force/energy system".  One cannot go wrong with whatever you wish to call it.  It's still all a Higher Power. 

The basis behind this trendy fad is that one can THINK their way to whatever they want to have happen in their lives.  Or, one can think their way into a whole huge heap of negative mess if one wants to.  The bottom line here is....."As a man thinketh, so he is" or, more to the point; if you think negatively, not only will you feel like you're in the dumps, but your life will also be right in the toilet there with you.  If you think positively, you'll feel wonderful and will attract even more wonderful things to you.  The entire premise is that if you think hard enough about what you want and believe that you can have it, so it shall be.

There are 3 things that we're supposed to be doing that are crucial to have what it is that we want according to these gurus of "The Secret". 

1)  We must know what we want and ask The Universe for it.

2)  We must visualize ourselves as already having it and act as though we have it.

3) We must believe that we will have it and are worthy of  having it.

Now, I'm not one to downgrade positive thinking by any means.  I do believe that if you pursue anything hard enough and truly put positive thoughts into it, you'll eventually have what it is that you're wanting by hook or by crook.  My problem lays in the idea that sitting back and visualizing yourself having a million dollars or more, believing you will have it and acting like you do, isn't going to bring it any closer if you don't actually get off of your rear and do what it takes to get it!  I mean, I'd like to believe that I can just sit at this desk and literally, think myself into a mansion and POOF, I'll eventually get there.  But, to me, it's much like sending a letter to Santa and waiting for Christmas morning!  Maybe, I didn't think hard enough when I asked Santa for my silver Porsche?  Their principle is that we don't have to worry about the "how's" as "The Universe" will provide that for us!  How nice.

For any of you who have read or seen "The Secret", I'm sure that you're saying, "Oh, Jamie, you're simplifying it all.  There's much more to it than that!"  My question to you is, "Am I and, is there really much more to what they are saying?"

I know that there are theories to Quantum Physics that I DO agree with.  Certainly, if you think negatively, you will act negatively and you WILL most certainly draw more negativity towards you in so many ways.  Certainly, if you believe that you will never be able to get beyond your current financial situation as an example, you'll never make any moves that can bring about the necessary changes to brighten that financial future by any means.  For starters, you'll not look for another job, or go to school for the necessary qualifications to obtain a better job.  You won't believe in yourself to even look for other possibilities. 

On the other hand, if you were to believe and want badly enough to improve your financial situation, you'll be making and taking all of the right decisions and moves to get you to your goal.  You'll look for a better job, go back to school for whatever credentials you'll need or, you'll simply do whatever else is necessary to improve your potential in a job situation. 

But, what these geniuses seem to be implying is that if you figure out what you want, ask "The Universe" for it, visualize yourself having it, believe you will have it and act like you already have it, by dang, you'll have it!  Balderdash!

I am visualizing a nice, freshly brewed cup of coffee right now, being brought to my desk as I'm typing this.  I REALLY WANT IT NOW!  I'm asking "The Universe" for it right now.  I'm visualizing the cup of steaming coffee in front of me, I'm smelling the aroma and I'm feeling satisfied as though I have it right here in front of me.  I'm waiting and believing that these "laws of attraction" are going to work.  And, while I'm doing that, I'll finish my thoughts here and wrap this up.  Afterall, it takes time for "The Universe" to make a pot of coffee, doesn't it?

I do believe that one can ask.  Most of us would call it "praying" but that is a religious term that one attributes to a god of some kind.  I do believe that those who love us and have passed over are able to and do help us as well.  I do fully believe that we have Higher Selves and Spirit Guides as well as Higher Consciousness around us that CAN and DO help to guide us in getting to our goals.  BUT and this is a HUGE one......we actually have to be active in first of all, looking for those signs and following them no matter what.   We cannot just sit and think that it will be dropped into our laps.  We can ask and They will provide some of the answers, but they will not do it for us.  We actually have to move our rears and do the work!  They will provide the opportunities and the signs to follow to find those opportunities if we ask and listen hard enough, but They will NOT do it for us!  That is up to us.  It always has been.  It's part of our "free will" and part of our own ability to be the "Masters of Our Own Destinies".   The asking, thinking, visualizing and acting are all parts of "positive vibes/energies" that will help us to continue on with whatever our goals may be.  But, it won't do it all for us.  One has to be willing to help themselves.  Another old scripture says, "God helps those who help themselves".  Again, don't ask me where that is in the Bible.  I couldn't tell you.

And, that leads me to the next entry's topic, but until then.........my coffee still hasn't been handed to me so, I'd better move my ample rear and go make myself a pot!  Afterall, I'm positive that no one else is here so, it's not going to make itself! 







2007-05-29 23:49:13 GMT
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