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Adenum To Last Entry!

Ok, well, I may have to re-read that book, The Secret now!  "The Universe" has heard me and is making either a fool of me or, a "Believer".

As I was typing in the last sentence there and hitting the "post entry button", my husband just walked through the door.  Much to my surprise, the moment I had posted that last entry...............................


Go buy yourself the book/DVD!



2007-05-30 00:02:55 GMT
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I agreed with your first post. LOL - I think the coffee was a coikidence. I'm visualizing winning alot of money. I don't want nor have the time to go and get "smarter" by going to college. I'll let you know the results at Saturday's drawing. heheheh:>) These book writers that come along at the right moment...and of course being endorsed by Oprah doesn't hurt....are great at getting folks to buy these books that are going to save your butt. I haven't bought any of em. But I think it is hilarious that you got your cup of coffee.
2007-05-31 13:26:52 GMT
Thanks Nay.....yeah, it didn't work so well with getting him to pick up his socks off of the livingroom floor last night! I still had to do that myself! *grin*

But, it was interesting that the coffee happened that way. I'm wondering if perhaps, I had simply tuned into HIS thoughts and foresaw that he wanted coffee, which made me want it at that moment too??? Or, perhaps, HIS abilities kicked in and HE read my thoughts. IF THAT is the case though, it's likely that it may have worked because my thoughts became his!

I really don't believe that one can just sit and think things into being. I do, however, believe that if we train our thoughts onto something, Higher Sources will show us the paths to take, the people to go to, the way to achieve it in some way or another if we pay enough attention to these so-called "coincidences". I do believe that we are guided and helped along the way if we ask for that guidance. I just feel that WE have to actually do the work and that help comes in the form of other humanbeings and our own hard, elbow grease.

And, yes, Oprah pushing this is really a big boost, not to mention a HUGE mass marketing scheme. However, in my case, it's interesting. I had heard about this on the boards in BTV and I refused to become part of that hype. It's all old. There's really nothing new to this type of thing or the information in it. However, I was at Walmart, checking out and someone had put a copy of the book on the side of the checkout (I guess they'd seen the price on it and decided to forget it). I picked the book up, glanced at the synopsis, then put it back. As the cashier went to finish ringing through my purchase, the book was there! She asked, "This too?" and I went to say "no", but I couldn't figure out how it had gotten there...especially, right at the end of the items. So, I simply said, "yes, put it through". Another "coincidence"? Perhaps!

But, I've read the book and I can honestly say that it's interesting to think about. I'm sure that we can put out energy that does attract things to us.

I'm heading for the lottery numbers now, myself! *wink* So, do let me know when you win your lottery! I'll meet you at the airport!!! *smile*

2007-05-31 15:47:22 GMT
I love what you wrote. Makes perfectly sense to me. I understand. Reading this confirms that I am not the only one believing this...:-)
2007-06-03 21:07:49 GMT
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