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It's Not Happening: WHY?

Why can't the man/worman of my dreams come into my life?  Why can't I ever get ahead financially no matter what I do or try?  Why is it that everyone else seemingly has everything and have gotten it seemingly easily and I'm still struggling?  The list could go on and on, but these are the types of questions that I'm asked on a regular basis by my clients.

I wish that I had totally definitive answers to give, but there are many causes for it that perhaps, none of us will not truly understand while we are in these human bodies.  However, there are some things that I give my clients as well as reminding myself that should be kept in mind in attempting to answer these questions.

The most obvious and likely one of the greatest reasons that we are not getting or achieving what we'd like in this life is simply that we may not be taking the right steps to get what it is that we want!  How does one win the lottery without ever buying a ticket?  Too obvious?  Well, yes, but many of us want something to happen in our lives, but are not doing the very things that would lead us to having it!  That's the simpicity of it. 

Take for example someone looking for their "soul mate" and wanting love in their lives.  Are they travelling outside of the zones that don't net them the opportunities to actually meet potential new partners/love interests?  Or, are they immersing themselves in social situations where they will meet the types of people that they would find themselves attracted to? 

If someone wants to find a mate who loves sailing and loves art, one isn't likely to find that person in a women's clothing store very easily, or a car performance shop!  It's not entirely impossible, but it's not as likely that they will meet Mr. or Ms. Sailor Art Lover in these places is it?  The most viable place or way to meet someone interested in sailing is to actually become involved in a group or activity involving that sport!  Likewise, going to a Monster Truck Rally, is not as likely to net the opportunity to meet an art lover that getting involved with an art gallery or group of art lovers would, would it?  And, forget sitting in your livingroom, in your P.J's watching tv!  Mr. or Ms. Right isnt gonna come knocking at your door, unless of course, you order a pizza and Mr. Right happens to deliver it!  In that case....be ready to gain a hundred or so pounds on pizza because it's highly likely that you'll be eating one heck of a pile of pizza before Mr. Right Pizza Delivery Guy/Gal actually makes it to your door.  And, do have a long list of pizza places because you're going to need a variety of places with different delivery guys/gals!

You actually have to get yourself out there in social situations and amongst the types of people that share your interests to find someone that suits that set of criteria. 

And, what about financial wishes?  Well, again, if you're not working and not thinking about working, forget having financial success.  If you are working and it's not netting you enough then you actually have to find the way and determination to get work that will bring in the money.  It may mean having to take evening courses, or it may mean using your own imagination and bringing out one of your talents (we all have them) and truly making it work into an idea that can be used to bring in money for you.  Thousands of people put their dreams into action every day!  Why not you?

The bottom line in this area is that you actually have to give yourself the very best chances that you can in order to have what it is that you truly want in your life. 

Ok, so now that I've said that, a lot of you will be sitting back, saying..."I'm doing all of that and yet, Mr./Ms. Right is still nowhere in sight!" or, "I've not got the time to go back to school and I have no brilliant ideas on how to bring in that money!"  So, what do you do now?

Well, one thing to take into consideration is that it simply may not be time for that to happen yet in your life.  As long as you are doing everything that you possibly can to bring this into your life, then perhaps, it's all a matter of "Divine Timing".  In other words, you're still struggling because you're meant to for the moment to continue learning something, OR....it's simply not in "Divine Timing" just yet. 

What is Divine Timing?  It's a set of circumstances that come together to create the necessary stage for your dreams to come true.  Sometimes, there just aren't enough things lined up yet for you to say that the circumstances are ripe for you to have what it is that you want.  Perhaps, our Higher Powers have decided that you are not really and truly ready to have it yet.  Perhaps, They have decided that you need to be more prepared in order to use or appreciate it properly, OR.....you simply may not be ready for the consequences of what it is that you're asking for.  Remember the old saying, "Be careful what you wish for.  You may just get it!"  Whatever Their reasons, we cannot know with any certainty.  We just have to know that if we are doing all of the right things or all that we can, that we will eventually, in all likelihood have what it is that we want but, we may simply have to wait a bit longer for it.

I had one client this week ask me why it is that she has had so many different men come into her life and all different, but yet, none of them are "the right one".  WHY?  Why were so many others around her, happily married, having children and seemingly well into their romances with so little struggles in having them and yet, she couldn't get to the right one yet?  She explained that she had worked very hard throughout her life and had and was making changes in every aspect of her life in the hopes of meeting Mr. Right.  Why hasn't it happened for her?

Well, I did see Mr. Right coming into her life, but she proclaimed that every psychic she'd been to had seen that as well and yet, he still wasn't around.  My plain and simple answer was....."He's coming!  It's just not time yet.  It has to be in Divine Timing."  Did she believe me....well, I'm sure not and I cannot prove it to her, but I do know that by 2009, she will be married to Mr. Right!  My sense was that her Mr. Right was currently held up and not able to cross her path just yet because of it but, he will free himself in 2008 and by 2009, they will be married. 

What I liken this to is to "Susan" wanting Creme Brulee, but having gone into every pastry shop around, there is none to be had.  There were Lemon Meringue Pies, Strawberry Tarts, Chocolate Truffles, Jello and every other sweet under the earth, but no Creme Brulee around at that time.  Now, one could certainly settle for one of the other deserts but, it certainly wouldn't fill the craving for Creme Brulee and it would leave Susan wanting more or feeling still "empty" were she to settle.  While it's hard to pass up on having something rather than nothing, if Susan truly wanted Creme Brulee, she would simply have to keep on searching and waiting until she found it.  If I were to tell Susan that there IS Creme Brulee but, that she just has to wait a day or so and she will have it, Susan would have to make the decision to wait or go for one of the other deserts.  Thankfully, in my story, Susan waits and a day later, she is passing by a small bakery that she hadn't seen before on her way to work and through the window in a display case was her Creme Brulee.  As it turned out, had she gotten it the night that she wanted it, she couldn't have enjoyed it because her sister had needed her to babysit her nephews in an emergency situation and she couldn't truly have enjoyed it.  However, that night, she bought the creme brulee on the way home and truly savored every mouthful that evening with her friends as they toasted a job promotion for one of her friends. 

So, next time that you're thinking that Life has passed you by and you missed the boat so to speak, take stock of what it is that you, yourself could do to better your chances of having what it is that you truly want and need.  If you could be doing something to better those chances, do it!  If you can see no way to better those chances, then you simply have to place your wishes, desires, dreams and hopes in the hands of the Higher Powers and truly TRUST that if you continue doing the right things, Divine Timing will kick in and give you exactly what it is that you're asking for.........but, when you are MEANT to have it!!  Trust that They know better than us what it is that we need and when and are working on it along with you! 

In the meantime, treat yourself to some pizza or creme brulee, resting assured that if you're doing your part, Higher Powers are working on theirs and TIME will bring you what it is that you need!  Trust in that!




2007-06-23 02:30:28 GMT
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