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What Is The Dumbest Line To Give A Friend?

Whether we know it or not, our words are powerful energies in other people's minds.  It's with great importance that we should choose the words that we speak to others because what you say affects the way they perceive you.

Question:  What's the dumbest line that you can give a friend or family member and expect them to still be there for you?

Answer:  I'm just so busy that I don't have time to keep in touch.

Not only have I heard that phrase uttered more than I'd care to admit, but a lot of my clients have also encountered such a statement.  It's a lame one and I can tell you personally, that it does not sit very well with me.  The moment I hear that phrase uttered, it's like a red cape being waved in front of a bull!  You'd better believe that there's smoke coming out of my ears!

Sure, most of us nowadays are truly "busy".  We live in a hectic world with lots constantly going on in our lives.  Not many of us are sitting on couches, eating candy with nothing to do.  Even while grocery shopping, I'm taking calls related to work on my cell phone!  But, isn't that the idea of having these electronic contraptions?  It allows us the luxury of being able to do what we need to do and still be in touch with the world?  The bad side of this is another entire entry but, suffice it to say that for most of us, there is little or no excuse as to why we do not have the means by which to get in touch with a good friend or family member at some point or another.  

When a person utters that line, the very first thought that comes to most people's minds is "get off of the bull.....you're really saying that you don't wish to be in touch with me!"  And, right there, that pretty much finishes me with that person unless they clarify it by saying the words, "right now". 

I actually had one friend tell me that they couldn't type very well so, I could write to them, but they couldn't write back!  What is that?  What has their "dialing finger" fallen off too?  Have they never heard of the age old invention.....the PHONE? 

Sorry, but in today's society, we have so much available to us to keep us all in touch that there simply are NO excuses as to why a person cannot pick up a phone, somewhere, somehow and simply say..."Hey...just thought I'd let you know you're on my mind."  We have emails where we can sit at 6 a.m. or midnight if we want to type in a short sentence or two such as, "Thinking of you and just wanted to let you know that much."  It doesn't take much to do that. 

So, no matter how busy you are, if you want to keep a friend or family member actually liking you, don't utter that phrase!  Or, at the least, qualify it with an added portion such as, "I've been so busy lately, but I want to keep in touch.  Just give me a bit of time because you're important to me." 

That is, if you truly WANT to keep the friendship going.  If not, just say so because in effect, the moment that you utter those words, you're essentially saying that much anyways!

Watch your words or you just may be losing friends.




2007-12-11 16:11:11 GMT
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Oh, how TRUE this is, Jamie!

I've had a similar thing happen to me over and over again with one particular friend. It's made me wonder what they truly want!

I thought that I had a deep friendship with someone, but they kept giving me that line and it made me wonder how true that person was about saying I was a friend.

I hope that others will think about this before saying it again. It can hurt and it does ruin friendships!

2007-12-13 17:37:36 GMT
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