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If You Care About Someone......

Tis the season to let people that you care about, know that you care.

Question:  What is the number one reason why people don't express their care and feelings to another person?

Answer:  For the most part, the largest reason is "fear".

A lot of us are hesitant to express our feelings about someone that we truly care about because we FEAR the consequences in some form or another in doing so.  What a shame! 

We bottle up our emotions and feelings, tucking them away in filing cabinets in our hearts, never letting them out, or withdrawing them if we do let them out because of a sheer fear that we may encounter some type of a "price tag" for having let them out.  That leaves most of us, walking around, carrying these bags of feelings because we fear facing something that we don't have the courage to face within ourselves.  But, what does that actually do to us?

The answer to that question is that it usually leaves either us or someone else "wanting" and leaves a lot of questions behind.  What if no one ever expressed true feelings towards another person?  Where would that leave us all?  No one would ever truly feel "love" or "friendship" of any kind.  Everyone would be walking around, feeling empty, alone and hollow?

So, what should we do during this Christmas Season, the season where we are supposed to feel and share love and caring? 

We should let those that we truly care about, know that we truly care! 

Yes, we run the risk of "feeling stupid" if it is unreturned but, we also have the chance of finding out just what we mean to someone else as well.  And, while they say that "ignorance is bliss"......"ignorance" can also let us wallow around in a fantasy world where we are either denying ourselves the happiness that we COULD feel, or we are simply avoiding finding out where we truly stand in terms of someone else's feelings towards us. 

Isn't it better to find that out one way or the other?  Wouldn't that be less burdensome?  Wouldn't we feel lighter and happier because we either will have someone to share those feelings with, or be able to know where we truly stand and move on?

What have we got to lose but, some "baggage"? 

What we have to GAIN is the possibility that you just be more cared about than you know because the other person is also feeling the same about you! 

What a true blessing either scenario would be to our true selves. 

Think about it then, act!


2007-12-13 19:18:44 GMT
Comments (2 total)
Ha.....Ha! There are people in my life that I've wanted to let know what I feel about them. But, for some reason, I find myself stopping myself when I try. Perhaps, it is because I fear (as you've said) them ridiculing me or not feeling the same as I do. when I stop to think about it, I recognize that I'm being silly. So, what? So what if they don't feel the same. At least I know! At least I have the option of recognizing that it's not there and may never be. What's the worst that can happen? I feel a little stupid and embarrassed? I'll get over it. I think you just inspired me to put myself out on that limb and do it this year. Thanx!
--Dan P.
2007-12-19 01:25:20 GMT
Dan....just saw your post as I was checking emails.

Very often, we wonder WHY things aren't happening in our lives as we'd like them to happen. We can't figure out WHY they are not in spite of feeling that we've done all that we can to make them happen. However, very often, we have not asked ourselves enough. Have we really reached out to other people? Are we letting chances and opportunities go that may get us to our goals?

Yes, you MAY encounter situations where your sentiments may NOT be returned in kind.....but, at the least, as you've said, at least you'll know one way or the other where you stand with them and there won't be any illusions on your part.

We ALL face possible "rejection" and "upset" but, there's no embarrassment really in having spoken what's in your heart and on your mind. The very worst is that you are not returned the sentiments or there is a "strain" after having done so. Again, at least you'll know where you stand.

Does that mean that everyone should run out and tell everyone else what they really feel about someone else? No. But, it certainly means that those for whom you feel there is a potential "bond" in some way or another, should be given some consideration as to whether or not to just come out with it. Use your own best instinct on who and when you can and should do it!

More often than not....you may be PLEASANTLY surprised to find that in some way or another....that feeling is returned!
--L. Smitherman
2007-12-19 01:34:19 GMT
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