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Every Little Wish......

There's a children's Christmas song, best known as sang by children's entertainer, Raffi.  One line in it sticks in my mind,

"Every little wish, every little dream, has a hope of coming true at Christmas."

No matter how old I get, there's still a "magic" to Christmas somehow.  That's not to say that everything is wonderful and all of my problems or worries disappear but, it's certainly a time when I try to pack away those burdens and try hard to find some joy, fun and happiness in what I do have around me for just those couple of days.  Most of all, it's a time in which I think of those who I care about and appreciate the fact that I can spend time with them.  Even those who are no longer here physically, are with me in my thoughts and memories of Christmases past. 

Christmas though, is not a day or 2 days.  It's a state of mind.  It's a day and a half where we mentally and emotionally choose to be "merry".  It's also a time when we think of those who mean the most to us and share our feelings and wishes of love, friendship and best wishes for those we care about.  We mentally and emotionally make the choice to "be happy" for those couple of days. 

Elvis Presley once sang......"Oh....Why can't every day be like Christmas?"  which raises the question of why can't every day be that way?  Why can't we choose to make every day a day in which we make the mental choice to be happy....to find that "magic" in every moment and in everyone that we truly care about?  Forget the gift-giving.  It's simply a symptom of our created Christmas mental state in which we are attempting to show those that we care about, that we truly care about them for this one day out of a year.  But, why do we need to stop at these 2 days?

Most of us will get in touch with people that we have not talked to all year long.  They will cross our minds at Christmas and we'll make the effort to sent them a card, make a phonecall, or email them our very best wishes.  The rest of the year, we will not make that attempt again.  Why?  Why can we not make that attempt during the rest of the year as well?  Why just at Christmas?

The answer to those questions is because we are choosing NOT to!  Again, Christmas is a mental state, not a day.  We put ourselves into a wonderfully, "correct" state of mind for those couple of days or a week and after it's over, we choose again to go back to our "regular" states of mind and all of the "wonders" and "magic" that we allowed ourselves to feel for those two days, go out the window.  We resume our "busy" lives and we once again, forget the very people that we had wished good and heartfelt wishes for, for another year.  They are back in their "boxes" for another 365 days, along with our "merry" spirits. 

I have a Christmas wish this year.  I wish that those that mean the most to me would feel my love and friendship all year long and that I will feel theirs throughout this entire year, not just at Christmas. 

Every little wish has a hope of coming true at Christmas!

2007-12-18 15:26:00 GMT
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I SO agree with what you've said, here Jamie!

When I look at the sheer number of Christmas cards that I get (either emailed or snail mailed) every year, I have to wonder where in the heck these people are the rest of the year?!

I mean, why write to me once a year....why not throughout the year too? Why just at Christmas? Just because we're in a "good mood"?

I hope others read this entry. I think we all need a little Christmas spirit EVERY DAY. Thanks for reminding people of that fact. It cannot be said enough.
2007-12-19 01:20:26 GMT
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