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Christmas Is Over?

What? Christmas is over already?

That's what I'm asking myself today as the dust settles and the bills start to pile in. All of that work, planning and all of that "hype" and it's over for another year now. Am I sad? Just a little and yet, I'm relieved at the same time. How can we spend so much effort and energy and put it into just a day and a half? Yet, through the rest of the year, we don't put nearly that amount of energy into much else, do we?

I'm wondering what it would be like were we to put that much energy into other "get togethers" in our lives. What would it be like if for no special reason, we were to make days where we simply invited those that we really care about over for dinner with us? What would it be like to phone up old friends, or drop them a card or an email just to say...."Hope that all is well and that all of your dreams come true"? What would it feel like to wish a cashier a wonderful day, or our mail person, nextdoor neighbours? What would it feel like to bring a flower to a friend or family member for no reason....just to say "I am thinking of you and care"? What would it feel like to decorate our homes with different decorations several times a year, just to be "festive"?

What would it feel like just to know that everyday, in some way, someone truly cared?

Why can't everyday feel like Christmas?

(Minus the bills, that is!)

2007-12-27 02:33:21 GMT
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