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Flu Equals Vegetative State

The new year rang in for me with a fever, cough, aches and pains.  Yes, it's the FLU. 

I don't get sick very often, but when I do, I am SICK!  Not the usual sniffles and red nose that most people get and get over in a few days, but a knock-down, drag-out, all holds barred, FLU!  And, I can tell you that it's taken me right off of my feet for the past 6 days and still holding in strong.  The one side effect that hampers me most is the fact that I have practically NO voice and that's meant having to cut off telephone calls, lest people start swearing at me, thinking I'm an "Obscene Caller"!

Anyone who truly knows me, knows that I'm a "talker".   No one ever has to ask what it is that I'm thinking about because I'll tell you!  That's one area that I've never lacked an ability in....the ability to speak.  So, needless to say, having no voice means that I'm almost in a vegetative state!

So, what does one do while in this state of incommunicado?  One watches tv! 

I usually don't get a lot of time to watch television during a week.  If I'm not working, I'm usually busy with my creative endeavors such as painting, photography, sewing, writing or reading.  There's always something to create.  However, when one is truly sick, these activities just somehow seem to require more energy than I can muster and television becomes my "comfort". 

This week, I have watched 10 episodes of The Family Guy, 12 episodes of Friends, 15 episodes of Frasier, more What Not To Wear than I care to think of right now (Stacey and Clinton....no disrespect intended here.....but, could you 2 send yourselves for a makeover somewhere?  I'm really not a big fan of either of your wardrobes.  Someone please glue Clinton's hair down and teach him how to wear "grown up" clothing!)  And, one cannot forget the obligatory "soaps".  Days Of Our Lives has worn itself out with me this week.  Someone give Chloe a break will ya?!  Who the heck knows where Brady went!  He left the show a couple of years ago but, something is telling me that he'll return shortly, likely after some plastic surgery via Stefano's hands!  I can only hope that they choose a better looking replacement for Brady than they did for Shawn!  And, heaven help us, but is John Black really dead or, is he coming back too?  A Psychic has told Marlena that John is not dead.  Is she right? *GASP*  Will I find out?!  My crystal ball tells me that I likely won't find out until the next flu and that's soon enough for me!

So, what has all of this television watching taught me this week? 

It's shown me that I am in bad need of a makeover for my clothes closet, I hate cartoons that are made for adults and the Friends cast were all neurotic as hell but, shouldn't be treated by tv psychiatrist, Frasier as he's as screwed up as any of his patients!  And, we won't get into the likes of Reba, Sisters or Roseanne!  I've watched WAY too many episodes of theirs well into my several sleepless, sick nights!

But, I think the biggest thing that I've learned during this flu is that I need some great movies to pile up for the next time that I'm sick rather than the pure crap that is on tv now! 

Where is Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, Susan Hayward, and even goofy Jerry Lewis when you need 'em?!  I've got to amass some old movies.  THEY were entertaining!

May you all stay well and miss the flu!  If you can't.......get yourself some DVD's because there's a lot of pure CRAP on tv right now.  Either that, or wait until the writer's strike is over before getting sick!


2008-01-05 02:34:22 GMT
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