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Your Subconscious Mind May Hold The Truth

Our subconscious minds are often our biggest friend.  It's odd to say that it is because it's usually the last to be listened to but, the fact remains that our subconscious minds holds the "truth" about what it is that we're really feeling and we tend to block those feelings with our conscious minds.

A lot of us are caught in friendships and relationships that we know, somewhere deep down inside us are not good for us.  On some level or another, we recognize that these interactions or relationships are somehow damaging to us, but we consciously block those feelings from truly coming out and into our rational minds.  Instead, we tend to excuse them and attempt to fool ourselves with hopes and dreams that something will eventually change the situation into what we want them to be.  However, the truth is still there somewhere and even though we try to deny it to ourselves, it won't go away and comes out in different forms.

I recently had a set of dreams that involved dead mice.  They were oddball dreams to me.  I couldn't quite figure out why I'd be dreaming of mice to begin with, let alone so many times.  It was a repetative dream that just simply wouldn't go away and therefore, prompted me to realize that somewhere in those dreams, my subconscious was giving me a message of some kind.  What was I consciously covering up and ignoring?  I couldn't quite figure it out.

Then, the other day, in looking back at a friendship that I'd been struggling with whether or not to keep, I found myself describing the person's actions or, shall I say, lack of them as "mouse like" and caught myself in mid-sentence.  I suddenly found my mouse dream origins!  It was one of those "ah ha moments" that we often have with so much relief as it puts the puzzle pieces together that we have been struggling to put together, but are missing a piece or two to complete the entire picture.

The "truth" suddenly became evident and my path of action became clear.  This person's actions or lack of them was not something that I wanted to hold onto.   It is and was never a healthy friendship and never would be.  Games are and were being played and it was and never would be a friendship that brought or would bring anything good into my life.  It needed to be dropped. 

While I'm not the type of person to let go of friendships easily and certainly not quickly, there are times when we know on some level or another, that something or someone is not good for us.  To ignore that fact and continue on with it, is only harming ourselves.  Sooner or later, the reality of the situation is going to come out and to the forefront and we're going to have to deal with it one way or another.   In this friend's case, I was seeing their basic personality and actions as that of a mouse.....a creature who hid in a cowardly like fashion, never coming out of its corner, always self-protective and elusive.   My answer was clear.  Let go!  The dead mice were representing the idea that the friendship with this cowardly and sneaky person was dead.  I was then able to recognize the lies, the betrayals and the less than honorable way that this friend had behaved in our friendship all along and that it was doing damage to me as a person to hang onto it.   I have let go of it and it feels better.

When or if you are confronted with a situation, friendship or relationship that keeps feeling as though you are running uphill all of the time and not getting anywhere, it's time to stop and listen to your good old subconscious mind!  What is IT tellling you?  It holds the "truth"!  Listen to it!







2008-02-06 16:42:01 GMT
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Oh wow! I just happened to be online when your blog entry popped up. It's timely. Man, is it timely.

I've been having some dreams about snakes lately. (Hey, maybe my snakes can eat your mice. ;)) I kept wondering why I was having them too. When I read your blog I suddenly realized that I had been calling my ex...a snake all along! HE must be the snake in my dreams. It all makes sense.

Over the past couple of months, he's been getting back in touch with me and I have been debating on whether to give it another try. Something didn't feel right and I kept dragging my heels on it. I know why....call it one of my own "ah-ha momnents" as you've said. I realize that somewhere I know that he's not right for me. I'm STILL thinking of him as a snake! :)

Thanks Jamie! I've made my decision. Your blog entry today was so timely because it has allowed me to see what my gut has been telling me all along. Tell him, BUH-BYE. Once bitten, twice shy!

Nice entry Jamie. I'm sure it's going to help others too! Keep up the great work!
2008-02-06 16:57:56 GMT
Hi Louisa:

Yes, it certainly seems like you've found the source of your "snake dreams".

I certainly hope that you'll give your subconscious credit for allowing you to see where it is that you're not following what it is that you're being urged to follow. We get these messages because we're meant to take heed of them and actually DO something about them. When our subconscious kicks in like that with repeated dreams of similar themes, it's not just a quick and passing "note". It's an all out.....CHANGE SOMETHING NOW!

Wishing you all of my very best!

2008-02-06 19:22:54 GMT
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