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Spring: Time Of Renewal

With these latest snowfalls, it's hard to believe that we're fast approaching Spring.  A lot of us in Toronto are looking out at snow piles on our front lawns, unable to see a place to park, driving down streets that are so narrow from the heaps and mounds of snow that they now resemble "donkey trails" and are limited to one lane of traffic even on a two-way street.  Yet, it's March and we're being told that Spring is just a couple of weeks away.  It's hard to fathom.  The difference between what we're seeing and what the calendar says just doesn't add up.

Our lives are much like this situation.  We know that somewhere down the line, our lives are going to change.  No matter what it is that we're facing now, it's not going to remain that way.  Eventually, there will be an end to whatever it is that we're facing right now, even when we can't see that end coming.

When I was out there shoveling the other day, looking up at a mound of snow so high that I could barely lift another shovel full onto the top of the mound, I had to stand back and take a rest for a moment.  I stood looking at the towering white mass in front of me, feeling that this winter feels as though it's never going to end.  Even if there were to be no more snow, the mound that's there now, would take quite sometime of warmer weather before it's finally gone and allows the wonderful grass beneath it to surface and turn green once again.  I couldn't even imagine seeing the blooms of flowers cutting through the surface anytime soon.  Yet, the calendar is telling me that it's supposed to happen.  I just simply could not fathom that Spring is around the corner and we'll be out of this horridly long and extra tough winter anytime soon.  There seems to be no end in sight.

The fact is, our lives can be very much like this winter.  We may feel that we are in the middle of a neverending winter and that the "Spring and Summers" of our lives are nowhere in sight.  All that we can see at this very moment are the huge "snowpiles", waiting to break our backs, shoveling out from underneath it all.  It feels like it's never going to end and judging by the piles in front of us, there is no hint of a change coming anytime soon. This is when we have to hold onto faith that there is a Spring and a Summer coming our way eventually.

No matter what we see in front of us right now, no matter how large that "snowpile" may seem to us, there is always a "melting" coming along with warmer and better weather.  We may not be able to see that "end" or see the forthcoming "better weather" but, we need to hold onto faith that there will eventually be an end to it all one way or the other. 

Like Spring, our lives also come with a time of "renewal".  While we all have to go through the "winters" in our lives, we also will have our "springs".   Just like the snowpiles out in front of our homes and lining the streets that cause so many headaches, problems, detours, slips and falls, isolation and so many other negative things, warmer weather will eventually melt these problems away.  The sun and the warmth, the green grass, the blossoms, the warm breezes will all eventually return.  Like the cold and the snow, it's all simply a temporary season that we will all pass though and get back to the "warmth" and beauty.  Nothing lasts forever and the only constant in life is CHANGE!

So, as we pass through the last remaining dregs of winter and perhaps, another snowfall or two, count your blessings because we know that it's going to all end eventually.  So, will the problems in your life. 

Like Spring, there is renewal waiting to break out after the harshness.  The harsher the winter, the more appreciative we are of the Spring and Summer.  In turn, the harsher our problems, the more we appreciate the warmth of their solutions. 

Spring is around the corner.....both literally and figuratively in your life!  Hang in there. 




2008-03-06 16:49:20 GMT
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