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Winter From Hell?

Call me a "Summer Fanatic" but, I'm about at the end of my rope with this Winter of 07/08!  One more snowfall and I'm about a hair's width away from packing bags and moving down south to somewhere warm! 

I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that I'm fed up with the shovel, the boots, the coat, scarf, mitts and sometimes hat (when I'm not worried about having a good hair day that is).  I've heard this winter referred to as "The Winter That Won't End", "FrankenWinter" and everything down to explicatives that I cannot or will not repeat here.  Suffice it to say that I'm certain that I'm not alone in my feelings.

I looked out the front door this morning as I attempted to grab my mail from the box right outside my front door.  Leaning across, ever so carefully, I managed to stay with my feet implanted on the edge of the door frame to keep my feet from getting wet however, in all of that manipulating, I didn't look to see that the mailbox cover had a fresh layer of snow on it from some "flurries" overnight and ended up with a soaked shirt sleeve.  Can you hear my words at that point?

The news this afternoon, also confirmed that I was not alone when it reported what they are considering as a new phenominon, "Snow Rage".  Apparently, people are so fed up with this winter that they are resorting to tactics that no normal thinking humanbeing would resort to.  People are actually nearly in fisticuffs over a shovel full of snow being placed on their sidewalk by a neighbor, taking out replica guns to one another, hitting each other's cars with snowballs and even chasing snow plows down the street. 

I've NEARLY gotten to the point of wanting chase a snow plow driver down the street a few times this winter after having dug out the snow drifts, I've had a plow come by and bury the driveway entrance back in again with MORE snow than I had just dug out.  "Turn the blade in the other direction, Moron!" I've found myself muttering as I've gone out to dig out the mountain of packed ice laden snow! 

I'm even finding myself cursing as I'm trying to swing the car around huge mounds of snow left on the sides of the road, wondering where in the heck all of this promised snow removal efforts have gone as they haven't touched my street at all. 

That doesn't even touch the number of times I've tried to be thoughtful and ended up getting stuck in snow banks while trying to give other drivers more room to get past me.  Silly me for being "nice"!  I should have rammed my way through like they did.  Not one of them has stopped to ask if I needed help getting out!  Not one.  So much for being "nice" during The Winter From Hell!

If there's one thing that I do know (and, doesn't require being a Psychic Consult to predict this much), this winter WILL end eventually.  The grass will be green, the trees will be full of leaves, flowers will beautify our surroundings again with their wonderful color and we'll all go back to being human once again.  Every bad name that anyone has called someone else during this winter will be forgotten as we bathe in the warmth of the sun, lay on beaches, sit outside to sip on Iced tea or, enjoy a decadent ice cream sundae.  However, we may also be in for what they will eventually term, "Heat Rage" too!  SIGH  Will we ever be happy?

For now, I'm just trodding along with everyone else, trying hard to keep my temper and my sanity in check while waiting for the warmer Spring weather to grace us with its presence and melt away these Winter Blahs and Rage.  If there's one thing that I do take from this winter, it will be an entirely new appreciation for HEAT and greenery!  I will NOT complain about the heat this summer.  I will not complain about having to cut grass, or weed my flower garden.  I will not complain about my neighbors' stereo blasting during the warm days.  Uhhhhh.....well.......I may have gone a bit too far on that one!  I'll likely have a few choice words for that one!

But, oh well....who is "perfect"?  *smile*



2008-03-12 21:27:45 GMT
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