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Love, Sweet Love Or, Is It?

One of the most asked questions that any Consultant will hear is, "What's going to happen in my Love Life?"  It's one question that practically everyone has on their minds and it's little wonder why.

Without love, Life can feel empty and hollow.  It's the "substance" that Life lives on and grows on.  It's the very thing that makes our lives worth living.  However, it can also be one of the most miserable parts as well!

Whether single or married, our "Love Lives" can bring some of the biggest pains, some of the worst struggles, deepest hurts and wounds and, some of the most trying times in our lives.  It's also one area of our lives that can make or break many of the other parts of our lives as well.  When our Love Lives aren't going well, it seems that everything else in our lives also either go downhill or, we no longer care about as much. 

I hear a lot of people's accounts of their struggles with love.  Even those who are supposedly in "committed relationships" are often just as troubled, if not more so, than those who are single!  When single, we are looking for "The One", when in a relationship, we can wonder why we are in one and whether there is "someone better" out there for us.  There are very few people that come to me who are truly happy with their current loves. 

So, what makes us all strive to find that love and have it our lives when it can make or break us at times?  Why do we continually seek it out?

The answer to that one is very simple.  It feels so good when it is right! 

So, we'll all keep on struggling to keep love in our lives and we'll all continue to work to make it good and feel right.  But, that also means that we are also going to have to continue to accept that there will be cons along with the pros to having it.  

But, just remember one thing.  When a love is meant to be, it will be.  While we all have to put work into love, we shouldn't have to "force it".  If it's sincerely there, the work load won't be as great.  If it's not truly there, we'll find ourselves uneasy, upset, lonely and hurting.  It's in learning the difference between the two that can save us a lot of pain. 

Bottom line is.......you're not alone!  Everyone is seeking love!  It's part of who we are as both humanbeings as well as spiritual beings.  It's what makes the world go 'round!


2008-05-19 01:04:26 GMT
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