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Caylee Anthony's Body Found
Caylee Anthony, The little Florida Girl who went missing in June of this year and whose mother didn't report her missing until July, while going about partying and on a trip, has been found.  Her remains were scattered amongst the debris in a dried up area once submerged under heavy rain water in a forest area in Florida.  They don't know the cause of death yet. 

The moment that I heard this story on the  news, it was an instantaneous response that the child's mother, 22 years old, was the culprit.  It didn't take much "intuitiveness" to hear that her less than worried actions were those of a young woman who still wanted the single, carefree life and not that of a mother.  The sheer lack of response and reporting her child missing for over a month of her last known sitings were obvious that even if she didn't kill her daughter, someone else that she knew, did and she simply didn't appear to care. 

What strikes me most about this entire scenario is that only a cold-hearted person would do something like this to their own child yet, she was reportedly, a "good mother" to Caylee.  The question then remains as to how a person can be a doting, loving mother and suddenly turn to take her own child's life?  Either she didn't or, she has a mental disorder of some kind.  The only other possible explanation is drug usage. 

The latter idea is one that is highly unlikely since there was seeming, "premeditation" to the act of murder.  Someone in that household searched for the very items possibly needed to commit this murder on the net.  Traces of search history were found on a computer within the home.  Secondly, the searches were done, at least a month or more in advance of the murder.  This was not a momentary lapse in judgement.  This was planned. 

The fact that Ms. Anthony was out partying while her daughter was missing and on a trip and failed to keep in any contact with her alleged babysitter while on this trip, is one that had most of us feeling that harm had come to this child.  It doesn't take psychic visions to gather that much in one's mind. 

As to whether Ms. Anthony killed her own daughter or whether she had someone else do it or, allowed someone else to do it or, even found out that someone else had done it, makes no difference.  The bottom line here is, little Caylee Anthony was killed and her mother hid that fact.  That makes her guilty of murder in most people's minds.  Finding an impartial jury on this case is going to be next to impossible.  No matter what slant defense takes on this one, Ms. Anthony is guilty by her sheer lack of caring.  
2008-12-21 02:44:21 GMT
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